As e-commerce flourishes, drivers' work is becoming increasingly important. We offer work in an exciting, rapidly-expanding industry.

Who you are

  • Friendly and helpful
  • Customer centered
  • Performance oriented
  • Well turned out

What you bring

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Have a van between 600 kg - 2000 kg capacity
  • Accomplished all regulatory requirement like RUTA, LINTI, etc.
  • Commitment to high service quality

What we offer

  • Work in one of the profitable industries of the present and future: e-commerce is causing a steady rise in the number of parcels sent
  • Work in a rapidly-developing industry with great future potential
  • Long-term employment and great team spirit

Choose DPD

Driver-delivering-parcels-to-flower-store.png Driver-delivering-parcels-to-flower-store.png

Choose DPD

By choosing to drive for DPD you'll be joining an open and inclusive culture, where people have the opportunity to flourish and shape their own careers.