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DPD packaging. The right treatment for every parcel.

Our many years of experience in parcel shipping has also been applied to the development of packaging, and you benefit from this in two ways. Our packaging is not just easy to handle but also provides you with maximum security in the transport of your goods and documents:

Export envelope
For documents which accompany your parcel, e.g. commercial invoice, consignment note, customs documents. Dimensions: original formats 240 mm x 160 mm and 240 mm x 115 mm.

International document pocket
Ideal as a protective cover for documents or small goods. Dimensions: 450 mm x 360 mm x flap 70 mm.

Express-Service packaging
For domestic and international express shipping you can take advantage of two DPD Premium packaging options.

The DPD Premium Envelope is ideal for sending flat documents up to a max. weight of 500 g.
Dimensions: 342 mm x 250 mm.

The DPD Premium Box (made of cardboard) is especially suitable for sending documents with a max. height of 38 mm and a max. weight of 2.5 kg. Dimensions: 324 mm x 278 mm x 40 mm.