Service alerts

Service alerts

 Answers to the most important questions about parcel shipping in connection with the coronavirus crisis and information about other circumstances which might influence the delivery of national and international shipments.


National strike on 16 December

On Friday 16 December, Belgian labor unions plan a national strike. The manifestations might block the roads and consequently interrupt our services. We do our utmost to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible.


Weather conditions in the south of Belgium and Luxembourg may cause delays

The severe weather conditions are impacting local and main roads, making parcel collection and delivery difficult and delays inevitable. Consequently, our drivers might arrive later than the predicted time window. 

Strike in Italy

The national strike in Italy on 2 December impacted our service. Although we did our utmost to minimize the impact as much as possible, delay might still be possible this week.

Strike in the UK

Royal Mail National Post Office strikes on average 2x days each week, meaning that all other parcel carriers in the UK are busy handling the extra volumes. Consequently, parcel delivery by DPD in the UK might be delayed.


Your parcels to Germany may be delayed

We are experiencing significant delivery delays in Germany. The entire DPD network is doing its utmost to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible, but nevertheless delays are possible due to the extremely high volumes. Tip: also advise your customers to order parcels from/to Germany in time. Thanks for understanding!


Well prepared for Peak Season

Well prepared for Peak Season

End of year planning

Black Friday , Cyber Monday and the end of year period are the busiest time  of the year for e-commerce and consequently also for the transport industry. Click the button below for our delivery and collection schedule for this period.