Service alerts

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Service alerts

Belgium - Courcelles

Technical problems at the industrial estate in Courcelles, where our depot is also located, disrupted this morning's delivery. Shipments that were scheduled for delivery today may unfortunately experience some delays. We work hard to keep disruption to a minimum. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Belgium - Ghent

Farmer protest are blocking the roads in Ghent making it difficult for trucks and vans to deliver in and around the city. We are monitoring the situation, but delays are possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Change to POD:

The former link to access the POD from DPD Shipper is no longer operational. We hereby introduce two ways for customers to access their POD, depending on their situation.

  • Via Shipping Reports:

Customers who still have active Shipping Reports can access their POD via this method. This option will remain available for customers with existing Shipping Reports.

  • myDPD for Business:

For customers who no longer have active Shipping Reports, or if they want to use the new tool, it is essential to switch to our myDPD for Business platform. Customers who do not yet have access to myDPD for Business should contact [email protected] to activate their account.