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Pickup – the place where the parcels will wait for you.

Do you need to pick up or send your parcel and don’t want to be dependent on couriers arrival?  

Make use of Pickup and you can pick up your parcel when it is suitable for you. Affect the manner, place and time of delivery of your parcel with DPD. 

  • You needn’t be dependent on courier’s arrival and can send or pick up your consignment in time suitable for you
  • Special and advantageous price list
  • Possible payment with bank card on handing in and delivery of a parcel with COD*
  • SMS or e-mail sent to recipient for pick up of the parcel with a possibility to affect place an time of delivery
  • SMS or e-mail sent to recipient after delivery of the parcel to DPD ParcelShop
  • Deposition of the parcel in DPD ParcelShop within 7 calendar days
  • Insurance of domestic consignments up to 2500 EUR included in the charge

 *Bank card payment with COD is possible if allowed by sender. 


International shipping with Pickup!



Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland

0 - 10 kg

10 €



0 - 10 kg

15 €


France, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

0 - 10 kg

19 €

* Ceny sú uvedené s DPH, vrátane palivového a mýtneho poplatku. Platia na odoslanie balíka súkromnou osobou pri úhrade v hotovosti.


Before you visit DPD, remember that your parcel has to be properly and appropriately wrapped for the shipping and processing on automatic transport belt conveyors.

Check whether it fits in with DPD transport limits:

  • Length of the longest side maximum 175 cm.
  • Total dimension of the parcel maximum 300 cm (the longest side + circumference of the parcel).
  • Maximum weight 20 kg.

Total dimension can be quickly and simply calculated with our calculator of circumference, volume and weightIn international shipping, for air freight the charge for a parcel is based on volumetric weight if it is higher than real weight in kg.

DPD doesn’t deliver certain kinds of goods. It concerns live animals, armaments, and particularly valuables as precious metals and precious stones (gems). You can find detail information about goods excluded from transport and about shipping with DPD in our General Terms and Conditions.


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