What is the DPD China Franchisee Program?

DPD China recruits franchisees nationwide who are interested in becoming a member of the DPD global family. The franchisees will grow together with DPD and contribute to the flourishing of the DPD brand in the Chinese market. The DPD China Franchisee Program is an extremely important part of DPDgroup's overseas expansion strategy. Within 3-5 years after DPD enters China, it will have a franchisee network covering all corners of China.


Our Strengths and Advantages
Combining LENTON Group's stable linehaul network, gateway operation, and DPD's reliable last mile delivery services, our franchisees and their customers can enjoy a more flexible, convenient and worry-free international shipping experience.


Operating Gateways
In China, we operate 14 gateways, including: Beijing,Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taipei, Hong Kong etc. We will keep on expanding to new gateways until we reach full coverage.


Franchisee Network
Since the beginning of the agent recruitment programme, we have recruited more than 40 franchisees, obtaining a pronounced presence in China. Starting from 2019, we will further expand our franchisee network until we cover all corners in China.


What are the requirements?

If you meet the following requirements and wish to become a member of the DPD family, please contact us

Conditions & Qualifications

  1. Have a passion for DPD’s business, recognize DPD’s values, and wish to grow together with DPD

  2. Experience in operating and maintaining international brands

  3. Engaged in international express parcel operations for more than 3 years

  4. Familiar with international express shipments and the cross-border e-commerce logistics market

  5. Qualified to operate an international express parcel and freight forwarding business

  6. Capable of local delivery and pickup

  7. Have connections with e-Commerce and other platforms


What are the benefits?

Becoming a DPD family member will bring you more than just a profitable business

Benefits DPD can bring to its franchisees

  1. Huge market effect and business opportunities brought by the DPD brand

  2. Access to DPD’s Global platform and network

  3. Become an authorized DPD China franchisee

  4. Become a designated franchisee for DPD China's regional business

  5. Become a DPD Shop Partner

  6. Benefit from DPD China’s e-Commerce logistics expansion program

  7. Benefit from DPD China’s channel expansion program


Types of Franchisee

If you wish to become a member of the DPD family, please contact us

We provide different solutions

  1. Resource-based Franchisee: refers to franchisees that have certain resources to exchange with DPD (such as aviation resources, resources and abilities of customs clearance, etc.).

  2. Strategic Franchisee: refers to franchisees who can establish long-term win-win and in-depth cooperation with DPD in a certain area to maximize the interests of both parties.

  3. Market-typeFranchisee: refers to a franchisee that has the ability of business development and has certain order amount and is authorized by DPD to operate franchise rights within a certain range.

  4. Multiple-levelFranchisee: refers to a tiered agent of the above type 1-3 franchisees, which are directly managed by the type 1-3 franchisees on behalf of DPD.