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Here you will find useful information and helpful tools relating to parcel shipping.  We’ve put together all the relevant information on domestic and international shipping. We also offer multimedia operating instructions for our products and services, and an overview of all available interfaces to the various shop and shipping systems.

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What types of services does DPD provide?

How do I order a collection? Can I order it online?

Where can I find the prices of each service?

Which payment methods can I use?Can I pay online?

What’s a parcel’s maximum weight and size limits?

How does DPD calculate dimensional weight?

Do I need DPD account to use DPD’s service? How do I create an account?

What if I don't know the destination postal code?

Are there any special regulations for DPD's package of goods?

What shipping documents do I need to provide?

Which countries does DPD ship to?

Which goods are prohibited products?

Which ZIP codes are considered as remote areas by DPD?

Is both of consignees’ email address and phone number mandatory?

What are DPD’s main import gateways?

  • 线上操作
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Can I cancel or change my shipment online? Can I change the type of service for the package I sent?

How do I change the delivery address of my shipment?

Which kind of customer is the Predict service suitable for?

Which browsers are supported?

Can I consult about the service on the DPD website?

  • 派送追踪
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How can I get tracking information of my shipments?

How do I know if my goods have been signed?

What if the tracking information shows that the package has been signed but the consignee has not received the goods?

What should I do if my package is delayed? How does DPD notify me?

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How does DPD notify me if the consignment is lost or damaged, how to apply for a claim?

How do I make a complaint?

What is the limit between low value and high value in Europe countries? Are there any special regulations for customs clearance?

Does DPD provide services for importing to China?