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Here you will find useful information and helpful tools relating to parcel shipping.  We’ve put together all the relevant information on domestic and international shipping. We also offer multimedia operating instructions for our products and services, and an overview of all available interfaces to the various shop and shipping systems.

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What types of services does DPD provide?

Dpdgroup provides four differentiating services:

  • DPD Classic Home

  • DPD Classic Business

  • DPD Shop

Services DPD Classic Home/ Business & DPD Shop are the one offered in the solution into EU at the moment.

How do I order a collection? Can I order it online?

This service has not been opened yet. If you need to pick up the item, please contact your local franchisee.

Where can I find the prices of each service?

You can find inquiry form on our website, or please contact our sales for latest quotation.

Which payment methods can I use?Can I pay online?

Regarding the payment method, please consult the sales staff who contact you directly.

What’s a parcel’s maximum weight and size limits?

Maximum weight: 31.5kg, maximum length: 175cm, maximum girth: 300cm

How does DPD calculate dimensional weight?

Length x width x height / 6000

Do I need DPD account to use DPD’s service? How do I create an account?

No, please contact our sales or franchisees or consult our customer service center.

What if I don't know the destination postal code?

If you are unclear about the destination zip code, please check with your recipient or contact us.

Are there any special regulations for DPD's package of goods?

Please make sure that your goods meet our standard of weight and size: Maximum weight: 31.5kg, maximum length: 175cm, maximum girth: 300cm, at the same time, your goods should be properly packed and in good condition.

What shipping documents do I need to provide?

B2C :

  • Commercial invoice

  • With SKU

  • Website link of the goods purchase


  • Authorization - direct representative / Power of Attorney (POA) – original. In case of company it must be signed by person(s) empowered to represent the company; (usually POA must be signed by the company Board)

  • valid EORI and VAT ID number must be printed on POA

  • any document as commercial invoice or additional description of the goods has to be in english (nature of goods, material of which it is produced, exact purpose etc. (each information that enables correct classification of the goods).

Which countries does DPD ship to?

Currently our service areas are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Which goods are prohibited products?

Please refer to our list of prohibited goods.

Which ZIP codes are considered as remote areas by DPD?

Please click link below to download the list of remote area ZIP codesPlease note that delivery time may be extended for these areas.

Is both of consignees’ email address and phone number mandatory?

Both information are highly recommended. But e-mail address is mandatory, for customs clearance purpose.

What are DPD’s main import gateways?

There are 3 main import Gateway in Europe: London (LHR); Paris (CDG); and Amsterdam (AMS).

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How do I change the delivery address of my shipment?

The recipient can modify the delivery address on the system after receiving the delivery notification through the DPD-specific Predict service. In addition, if you have any other information about your package that needs to be changed, you can contact us.

Which browsers are supported?

You can access our website through IE8, Safari6, Firefox33, Chrome37 and all the latest browsers.

Can I consult about the service on the DPD website?

You can find out the contact information of our sales and franchisees on our website. Please contact the person in charge directly.
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How can I get tracking information of my shipments?

You can check your shipment details on the DPD China website by tracking number.

How do I know if my goods have been signed?

Enter your tracking number and you will get the latest information on whether the goods are signed.

What if the tracking information shows that the package has been signed but the consignee has not received the goods?

Please confirm with the recipient first, if you have any questions, please contact our service center.

What should I do if my package is delayed? How does DPD notify me?

No notification will be sent, if you have any questions please contact our customer service center.

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How does DPD notify me if the consignment is lost or damaged, how to apply for a claim?

Please contact us, our customer service staff will help you complete the claim application process.

How do I make a complaint?

You can fill out the complaint form online through our website or call our customer service hotline: 021-34096560.

What is the limit between low value and high value in Europe countries? Are there any special regulations for customs clearance?

According to European customs regulations, less than 22 euros is a low value commodity and more than 22 euros is a high value commodity. Below 15 pounds in the UK, low value goods, more than 15 pounds is a high value commodity.

Does DPD provide services for importing to China?

Currently, the import service to China is not available, please keep an eye on our official website news and get our latest service news.