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This is available from stationery shops, supermarkets or DIY stores. Often they will let you have cardboard boxes and other packaging material free of charge. In order to ensure trouble-free shipping it is essential to use the right packaging material.

More information about packaging.

If the consignee can\'t be located, the driver leaves a notification card in the consignee\'s letter box after the first delivery attempt. The driver will drop off the parcel at a Pickup parcel shop where it will be stored for 7 working days. After that, the parcel will go back to the hub where it finally will be returned to sender.

For a 2B sending, the driver will make three delivery attempts. In case non of the deliveries was successful, the parcel will be shipped back to sender.

Parcels which you ship with DPD are automatically insured to a goods value of up to €520. Business customers have the additional possibility of arranging for higher insurance on demand. Please note that higher insurance can only be concluded for individual orders. You can require a higher insurance here.

If you use the Predict service, DPD will inform the private consignee in advance about the day on which the parcel is scheduled for delivery. If the day in question is not convenient, the consignee can change the day anywhere up to one hour prior to delivery. All the consignee has to do is follow the link in the notification (SMS or email) sent by DPD in order to change the delivery date.

The consignee can have the date and address of delivery changed and

  • collect the parcel from their nearest Pickup parcel shop,

  • have it delivered on a different day,

  • have it delivered to a different address, or

  • have it deposited at a safe location.

On the day of delivery itself, the consignee will be informed by email or SMS of the one-hour time window in which the parcel will arrive.

A number of goods are excluded from shipping with DPD, for example live animals, firearms or especially valuable precious metals. For full details of the goods which are excluded from shipping with DPD please see our general terms and conditions.

  • Jewels, precious stones, precious metals, pearls

  • Securities (coins, banknotes, bills of exchange, bearer titles and other titles)

  • Means of payment (credit cards, non-cleared checks, etc.)

  • Artworks, antiques, unique articles

  • Publications or audiovisual media prohibited by law

  • Alcohol (excluding alcoholic beverages)

  • Perishable or frozen food (unless via DPD fresh)

  • Flowers and plants

  • Animals, dead or alive

  • Narcotics prohibited by law

  • Firearms and explosives

  • certificates, unique documents or passports

  • pelts, carpets, wrist and pocket watches

  • goods whose value exceeds € 13,000 per parcel

  • prescription drugs and hypodermic needles

  • decorative objects and leather goods with a value exceeding € 520 per package

  • human remains, body parts or organs, medical or biological research material, medical waste

  • tenders and related documents, contracts, test results and similar documents to be provided

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