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Help on the subject of sending parcels

 Here you will find questions and our answers relating to the subject of sending parcels: from initiating the shipping order via the maximum permitted weights and dimensions for DPD parcels right across to our parcel tracking function.

How can I check on the location of my parcel?

How many delivery attempts does DPD make to business addresses?

What is the diesel/kerosene surcharge, and how is the fuel surcharge calculated?

Can the driver pack my parcel for me?

What goods are excluded from transport?


How large can my parcel be?

What does \'girth\' (combined circumference plus longest side) mean?

What if I don’t know the weight and the dimensions of the parcel?

What is the volumetric weight? And how do I calculate it?

What is DPD Classic?

What is ParcelLetter?

What is DPD Express?

What is DPD Guarantee?

What is DPD Home?

How can I check on the location of my parcel?

What is Predict? How is the private consignee informed?

What is the P number and where can the recipient find it?

What shipping documents are required in international parcel shipment?

Ireland does not have a postal code system, but this is required when the order is started. What do I have to do?

Export declaration

Movement Certificate

Commercial and pro forma invoice, what is the difference?


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