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Electronic invoice

Since August 2011, the company DPD changed to delivery of the electronic invoices by e-mail.

The electronic invoices transmitted by DPD are protected by the electronic signature and in accordance with Article 75 par. 6 of the Act No. 222/2004, Coll. of Laws on VAT they are full-value tax proofs, which even allow you well arranged archiving and more comfortable processing.

Activation of the electronic invoice:

In the case of your interest in the electronic invoice, please, fill out the “Consent to Sending the Electronic Invoice” (in accordance with Article 75 par. 6 of the Act No. 222/2004, Coll. of Laws, on Value Added Tax), which is attached, and then deliver the document to DPD by post or e-mail.

We will not issue the next invoice in a print form but transmit it to the e-mail address stated in your Consent to Sending the Electronic Invoice.

After delivery of the electronic invoice:

Once the message containing the electronic invoice has been delivered, your computer will warn you of the e-mail with the electronic signature. In such a case you shall confirm your approval to displaying the message. The invoice is attached to e-mail in pdf with the name containing the internal number of the invoice, number of the invoice and customer’s number.

We recommend you to open the attachment only after it has been saved in the file where you will permanently archive the electronic invoices. After opening the pdf document, a standard invoice will be displayed you may carry out a payment on its basis. If a document doesn’t display, make sure that you have the browser Adobe Reader installed.

If an invoice hasn’t been delivered within 15 days after completion of the billing period, the reason is probably that your e-mail box hasn’t accepted the e-mail message with the invoice due to technical reasons. In such a case contact, please, DPD for the repeated transmission of the invoice at the address [email protected]. In the request, please, state your name and surname (or the company’s name) and the accurate e-mail address where you expect accepting the invoice.

Detailed information about securing the electronic invoice:

You will receive the electronic invoice via e-mail from the address [email protected] Credibility of origin and integrity of the contents of the electronic invoice are in accordance with Article 75 par.6 of the Act No. 222/2004, Coll. of Laws, on VAT, and are guaranteed by electronic signature.

Delivered e-mail and pdf document are electronically signed in accordance with the Act No. 215/2002, Coll. of Laws, on Electronic Signature, the certificate has been issued by the certifying authority Disig.

After delivery of the invoice you may check validity of the certificate on the website CA Disig or you can directly install it into your computer. In such a case it will automatically accept the e-mail messages and documents signed with this certificate.