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DPD packaging. The right treatment for every parcel.

Our many years of experience in parcel shipping has also been applied to the development of packaging, and you benefit from this in two ways. Our packaging is not just easy to handle but also provides you with maximum security in the transport of your goods and documents:

Small Parcel.

Do you need to send a small parcel or documents? Small Parcel is a product in the offer of DPD SK domestic services. With Small Parcel you can send domestic parcels up to three kilograms in a special wrapper and for a special price. Utilization of this product is limited just with the size of plastic bag 45 cm x 35 cm or 55 cm x 45 cm and with the weight of three kilograms.


By means of the DPD Wine Logistics service you can safely ship wine or sparkling wine in special cardboard packagings of different sizes.

Types of packagings which can be used:
1 bottle - length 370mm, width 100mm, height 100mm
3 bottles - length 260mm, width 355mm, height 100mm
6 bottles - length 270mm, width 185mm, height 370mm
12 bottles - length 365mm, width 275mm, height 380mm