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DPD Home

Need to deliver a shipment from an eshop? Ask for DPD Home.

The product DPD Home offers a responsible service of high quality delivery of the consignments to private persons. It is a simple solution for example for the Internet shops.

  • Recipient is notified of delivery of the consignment one day in advance by an interactive SMS with the number of the consignment, expected time of delivery and the amount of the collection on delivery (COD).
  • Recipient has a possibility to change the day of delivery of the consignment by means of the reply to the interactive SMS.
  • Recipient is notified about the delivery time window with SMS sent in the day of delivery.
  • Recipient has a possibility to pay for the COD with a bank card.
  • If a courier doesn’t reach a recipient at home, he shall leave notification of the first attempt to deliver the consignment in his letter box. 
  • Recipient has a possibility to change the time or address for another delivery via the web site or customer service DPD on [email protected].
DPD Home

Comfortable communication for 24 hours.

Website put into operation by DPD for their clients with a view to enable a comfortable communication and 24-hour availability.

If the courier does not find the consignee at the delivery address, he shall leave a notification of first delivery attempt. Via the website, the consignee can enter instructions for following parcel delivery procedure. Consignee has the liberty to choose a different day of delivery or a different address of delivery.

The place where the parcels will wait for you.

Do you need to pick up your parcel and don’t want to be dependent on courier’s arrival?  

Make use of Pickup and you can pick up your parcel when it is suitable for you.

  • When ordering a transport select "delivered to Pickup" 
  • Or in an interactive SMS choose to take in the Pickup.
  • When the package is delivered to Pickup will receive an SMS with information when you can pick up the package.
  • Deposition of the parcel in the Pickup within 7 calendar days

We can tell you, when we come.

With Predict you know in advance when the courier will arrive. On the day of delivery of the parcel the recipient is notified by SMS fixing the time of delivery. By this SMS, the recipient is informed of a time span within which the consignment will be delivered.

Time window is denerated from system and works with historical data about shipping.

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Why DPD?

Our parcels are well received.

By the environment, too.

  • DrivingChange™

    We believe in being a responsible partner to the people, businesses and communities we work closely with. DrivingChange™ is our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Change of delivery

    Not at home? No problem. Change the day and place of delivery at the click of a mouse. 

  • Safety

    Your parcel is in safe hands with us and is well insured. Includes insurance of up to 2 500 € per parcel and up to 520 € in international shipment.