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Milestones in DPD history

From Germany’s first private parcel service to one of the leading international express and parcel service providers. Here you can learn all about the DPD success story. Take a short journey through time with us...

The company DPD was established by 18 major German carriers in 1976. The aim of the joint venture was to build a customer-oriented parcel shipping system with an improved standard of services for corporate customers. The rapid growth of the company indicates that such an alternative to the post and railway aroused interest. In the same year after foundation the company DPD shipped 1.4 million parcels. Just four years later, in 1980, this number increased to 7 million. Today we transport 4 million parcels every single day.

Maximum flexibility, top quality and first-class service standards - these are the goals that we set ourselves, offering simple, fast and market-oriented transport for business customers at reasonable prices, which were in line with market expectations.

First depots were set up shortly after the establishment of the DPD. They were designed exclusively for parcel shipping. Thus the foundation was laid for the DPD’s own logistics network. In the summer 1977 the headquarters was built in Aschaffenburg. From there coordination of transport and system planning were performed. The new functional areas, including marketing, quality assurance and information technology were added quickly.

In the mid-80s the company DPD achieved market leadership among German private parcel services. Technical innovations and ongoing expansion of the range of products and services provided for a systematic increase in the capacity of transport and logistical system of company.

On 30 August 1995 the big day came finally: the parcel No. 1,000,000,000 passed our sorting device which meant that in nineteen years we safely transported one billion parcels. A significant moment and confirmation that the course we have set ourselves is correct.

The company DPD is gradually increasing the internationality of its brand and is building a comprehensive network. The aim is to create an integrated logistical and information network under a single trademark. DPD currently has a presence in all European core countries and globally through partners, with which it cooperates.

Merger with GeoPost, a subsidiary of the French postal operator La Poste in April 2001 strengthened the long-term continuity, stability and future growth of the company DPD. This means that DPD is ideally equipped for the competitiveness of the market and has a solid position from which it can expand: technological leadership ensured by continuous innovation, combined with the management of services thanks to uncompromising customer-orientation. We are continually expanding its capacity, thus we all the time remain at the forefront of the market.

With a daily volume of 4 million parcels transported in uninterrupted international network, DPD is today one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe. With over 830 depots in 26 countries, 60,000 employees and partners and 33,000 vehicles it is at the service for 200,000 corporate customers.

DPD in Slovakia belongs to the market leaders in the transportation and delivery services. Day after day 230 qualified employees at 18 depots ensure easy, fast and reliable transport of parcels – a significant achievement that is only possible thanks to a unique, efficient transport network and system, which represents consistent performance and service quality - both domestic and international.