28. February 2020 | 服务调整

Service Alert Due to Coronavirus - Europe

Europe(Last updated: 24th of March, 2020)

Due to the Coronavirus, several areas within Europe will not be able for delivery, please click here to see the list of zip codes affected.

Some protective measures have been implemented for the delivery drivers in several European countries. For this reason, consignee signature is not guaranteed anymore for the DPD European services (sometimes, people refuse to sign on the Terminals or drivers cannot access some home addresses with quarantine people).

There will be a scan (Information of Delivery) but no systematic POD. Please note that if the driver cannot locate the consignee at home, the parcel will be returned to the shipper.


Italy(Last updated: 23rd of March, 2020)

Due to the current Coronavirus emergency, we have been forced to suspend collection and delivery activities in the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, in the following branches:

ROVATO (141)

Given the impossibility of carrying out the service in these areas, we ask you not to entrust us with the goods destined for these postal codes, which you can view by clicking here .

We inform you that local Italian Authorities imposed lockdown of Medicina (BO), Elice (PE), Castiglione Messer Raimondo (TE), Montefino (TE), Arsita (TE), Bisenti (TE), Castilenti (TE), Riccia (CB), Fondi (LT), Ariano Irpino (AV), Sala Consilina (SA), Caggiano (SA), Polla (SA), Atena Lucana (SA), Rogliano e Santo Stefano di Rogliano (CS), San Lucido (CS), Montebello Jonico (RC), Serra San Bruno (VV), Moliterno (PZ), Auletta (SA). Please do not entrust us your shipments to these destinations.


Ireland(Last updated: 13th of March, 2020)

To mitigate risk of spreading the virus to team members, customers and members of the public, DPD Ireland will cease passing the driver's scanner to the consignee to capture a proof of delivery signature.

Instead, where consignee is present to receive delivery, the driver will retain possession of the scanner, will request the name of the signatory which he/she will key into the name field and will capture the words C19 in the signature field. The driver will not capture the signature of the recipient.

Where "Safe Place" or "Letterbox" options are in place for the delivery, these instructions will be followed.

GPS co-ordinates are captured at the point where the parcel is scanned as delivered. DPD accept no liability for loss or damage where this new C19 delivery process has been followed by our driver.

This process applies to all deliveries within the DPD Network for the next 14 days and may be extended depending on the evolution of the situation.


Poland(Last updated: 12th of March, 2020)

Please note that due to government recommendations, all schools (kindergartens, nurseries, universities, cultural centers) and other institutions, pedagogical counseling centers, sport facilties, zoos are going to be closed temporary. Therefore parcels sent to those places will be returned to sender automatically.