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Our parcel delivery service operates Monday to Saturday, from 08.30 to 18.00. If the sender has used the Predict service, you’ll be informed of the day and time slot when your delivery will be made. You can follow your parcel on myDPD.

If the sender has used the Predict service, you’ll be informed of the day and time slot when your delivery will be made. While we do our very best to deliver at the designated time, this time is an estimate. Delays can sometimes occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Our parcel tracking function enables you to follow the progress of your parcel online at any time. If the status of your parcel remains unchanged for a long period or if it isn\'t delivered at the indicated time, you are welcome to contact us.

Please check whether the parcel has been deposited in the safe place you have specified, or has been delivered to a neighbour. If the parcel can\'t be found, please contact our customer service via the contact form.

Yes, you can redirect your parcel even until just before delivery. You can see which redirection options are available in the live tracking information for the parcel.

You can even indicate a safe place during delivery. You can see whether this is possible in the change options.

Usually you will receive an email with the parcel number, in which we announce the delivery time with one-hour accuracy. If you are registered, we automatically display incoming parcels in \"My parcels\".

Our Pickup parcelshop Finder will enable you to find DPD shops in your area. Simply enter your location or postcode into the search function in order to find out the name, address and the opening times of the stores. Our top tip: if you share your location with us in our app your local Pickup parcelshop will be displayed to you automatically.

No, DPD will never facilitate money transactions or ask for your bank details. Unfortunately, this concerns fraudulent practices that we have investigated. See also:  

If we deliver your parcel to a Pickup parcelshop there could be a number of reasons for this:

  • The consignor has instructed us to deliver the parcel to a Pickup parcelshop (DPD Shop2Shop)

  • You have specified the Pickup parcelshop as the place of delivery with our customer service, in myDPD or in our app.

  • We were unable to locate you at home and you have not specified a different place or day for the delivery. In this case we wish to make sure nevertheless that you receive your parcel as quickly as possible, and we therefore deliver it to a Pickup parcelshop in your neighbourhood, where you can pick it up during the shop\'s opening hours.

You can find out the Pickup parcelshop to which your parcel has been delivered in myDPD, in our app, from the delivery email in your mailbox or from the parcel notification card in your letterbox.

If you provide us with a safe place you can take delivery of parcels at any time, even if you aren\'t at home. In this case you specify a safe splace, we deposit your parcel there, for example in the garage or carport.

No problem. Your package will be left with your neighbour.

What if your neighbour is not home either? Your parcel will be brought to a nearby Pickup parcel shop. This is a quick and easy option, and means that you can collect the parcel when it is convenient for you. The DPD driver will leave a note in your letterbox stating the address of the Pickup parcel shop and when the parcel will be available for collection. DPD will also send you an email stating when the parcel has arrived at the Pickup parcel shop.  Take some proof of identity with you when you go to collect your parcel. You have seven days in which to pick it up. If it is not collected during this time, it will be returned to the sender.

This is the 14-digit parcel number that you received from the sender or that is stated in the email or SMS from DPD containing the details of your scheduled delivery. If you were unable to accept delivery of your package, the driver will leave a note in your letterbox which also contains this 14-digit number.

Als de afzender van je pakket gebruik maakt van de Predict-service word je geïnformeerd over de dag en het tijdvak waarin de bezorging zal plaatsvinden. Hoewel wij ons uiterste best doen je pakket op het aangegeven tijdstip te bezorgen, blijft het een indicatie. Door onvoorziene omstandigheden is het mogelijk dat er vertraging plaatsvindt.

You can only provide a deposit okay for your own parcels. Your family member can provide the deposit okay in a separate account.

You will receive a double-sided parcel notification card whenever we can\'t locate you at home when we make a delivery. On the \"Sorry we missed you\" page we note either the option you have chosen in myDPD or in our app, or the Pickup parcelshop to which we have delivered your parcel. In addition, in the bottom section we request you to arrange for a new delivery or inform you that we have been unable to locate you on several occasions and that the parcel will be returned to the consignor. If you are unable to read our remarks or wish to arrange a new delivery, you should please use the parcel number which appears on the right in myDPD or in our app. There you can also read the name, address and opening times of the DPD shop. You can use the back of the card \"Your parcel is waiting for you\" in order to authorise someone else to collect the parcel for you.

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