What does the information on the parcel notification card mean?

You will receive a double-sided parcel notification card whenever we can\'t locate you at home when we make a delivery. On the \"Sorry we missed you\" page we note either the option you have chosen in myDPD or in our app, or the Pickup parcelshop to which we have delivered your parcel. In addition, in the bottom section we request you to arrange for a new delivery or inform you that we have been unable to locate you on several occasions and that the parcel will be returned to the consignor. If you are unable to read our remarks or wish to arrange a new delivery, you should please use the parcel number which appears on the right in myDPD or in our app. There you can also read the name, address and opening times of the DPD shop. You can use the back of the card \"Your parcel is waiting for you\" in order to authorise someone else to collect the parcel for you.