Do you occasionally send a parcel to the UK? Or do you have shipments on a weekly basis? With DPD, either is ever so easy! Request a tailor-made price offer for your business.


Sending a parcel to the UK

Good to know

  • Accurate door-to-door delivery times

  • Delivery at a pick-up point or home address

  • Customs surcharge since the UK is no longer part of the EU

  • Including Predict (proactive notifications, 1 hr timeslot and the option to change place or day of delivery)

  • Rely on our customs experts for support


Export information

We manage all customs clearance for you

On January 1st, 2021, the UK left the EU and since then no longer is a member of the internal market and Customs Union. This means that the parcels you export to the UK are subject to customs formalities. DPD will manage these processes and procedures for you.


Market information

  1. The average online shopper in the UK is a 41-year old woman on a rather high salary who lives in an urban area.

  2. Even though most English prefer home delivery (78%), interest in alternative delivery options is growing. 25% of them already have their parcels delivered elsewhere, e.g. in a locker, a pick-up point or in a physical shop. This trend is noticeable throughout Europe as well.

  3. The English consumer regularly shops at foreign web shops. 62% has made a purchase in Europe.

  4. The English consumer prefers to pay by credit card such as Visa or Mastercard (66%) or a digital wallet, such as PayPal (55%).

  5. For 70% of consumers, a service such as Predict is a reason to buy online.