DPD fresh is your partner for the delivery of dry, cooled and frozen food products to all your B2B and B2C customers. Producer, distributor or webshop, you can rely on our expertise and quality for delivery to all your customers, while we monitor and follow-up the entire cold chain.

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Next-day delivery


Advanced notification with delivery time frame of 1 hour


To private and professional customer


Temperature control

DPD fresh: the new service for the food industry

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DPD fresh: the new service for the food industry

DPD fresh offers the food industry a flexible and simple solution to the logistical challenges of an ever-changing market. It optimises your current distribution and fully supports your e-commerce activities.

DPD fresh answers all your questions regarding speed, food safety and traceability, increasing the efficiency of your logistics and production.


Room temperature



Refrigerated transport with track & trace



Frozen transport with track & trace

Control of the cold chain from sender to receiver

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Control of the cold chain from sender to receiver

The constant monitoring by DPD fresh of the cold chain (+4°C and/or -18°C) from collection to delivery to your customer, ensures that the quality and safety of all your products is always guaranteed.

By using sensors during transport, storage and sorting, we constantly monitor the correct temperature. The traceability of the temperature throughout the entire process is an excellent extension of your own quality control

Discover our current delivery area


We deliver your dry, refrigerated and frozen food products throughout Belgium and also export to France. This means that all persons and companies in these regions can receive parcels from DPD fresh. New regions will be added systematically over the next two years.