Predict by DPD.
Delivering when it's convenient.

Predict Predict

Predict by DPD.
Delivering when it's convenient.

As the shipper you can increase the satisfaction of your customers by offering them a unique service: you can put your consignees in charge of the delivery. That's because with Predict it's the consignee who decides when the parcel is delivered.


Keep our customers in control with Predict

An innovative way to give our customers and their customers convenience, ease and flexibility.

The benefits of Predict at a glance:

  • No more endless waiting

  • Everything just the way your customers want it.

  • Parcel delivery which is adapted to the requirements of the consignee – not the other way round.

  • Customer oriented from the shop to the front door.

  • Parcel delivery which is an excellent advertisement for the services provided by the shipper.

  • Customers enjoy a positive overall shopping experience and regard delivery with Predict as a successful conclusion to the purchase they have made from you.



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