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Road Toll Surcharge


According to Act No. 25/2007 Coll. and Decree No. 388/2009, a new system of specified road infrastructure taxation will enter into force in Slovakia since 01 January 2010. Paid road infrastructure form defined sections of first-class roads, motorways and highways – their using will be defrayed on the basis of electronically obtained data. This change will concern vehicles with total weight exceeding 3.5 tons or vehicle combinations with the same weight intended for transporting of goods or more than nine persons including the driver.

Introduction of new rates of rod-toll will be reflected in increased costs for shipping companies which will be forced to adjust prices of their services and products. Like other delivery and shipping companies operating with vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons, also DPD decided to take into account part of these increased costs in its tariffs.

Since 01 January 2010 DPD introduces so-called Toll Rate. Its amount is set to 0.015 € without VAT, for every begun kilogram of the parcel. Toll Rate will be invoiced as a separate item in the form of a surcharge for every shipped parcel.

Calculation example: for a 4-kilogram parcel, to the standard price will be added 4 x 0.015 € = 0.06 €  without VAT.