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Fuel surcharge

DPD relies on the advice of approved bodies for the calculation and duration of this surcharge. Further information about the current applicable fuel surcharge is available here.

Undeliverable parcel

A surcharge will be invoiced to the sender in the event that a parcel is returned to the shipper due to an incorrect address, a wrong postal code or because the recipient refused delivery.

Dimensional weight surcharge

DPD Belux reserves the right to refuse the parcel, return it or invoice a surcharge (per parcel) if the parcel's weight and dimensions fall outside our maximum weight and dimensions.

Limited quantity surcharge (LQ):

Surcharge for transporting parcels containing a limited quantity of hazardous goods.

Non-conveyable parcel surcharge

Surcharge for parcels that are unable to be processed on the automatic sorting belt and must be processed manually.

DAP surcharge

A surcharge for parcels outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland) when the import duties and levies calculated by customs must be paid by the recipient. In that case, the costs are passed on to the recipient, who is charged an administrative surcharge.

Island surcharge

A surcharge applies to deliveries to certain islands. See the list of destinations and delivery times on the next page for the applicable surcharges.

Non-EU surcharge

Charges for customs formalities in the event of delivery of parcels outside the EU.

Non-EU collection request

 Charges for customs formalities in the event or collection of parcels outside the EU.

Surcharge for relabeling or parcel labels printed by DPD

A surcharge applies to every printed label in the event that DPD has to print a parcel label at the sender's request or if a parcel label needs to be reprinted (illegible, wrong bar code, etc.).

Collection fee

A fee for parcels collected at your home or office. The fee counts per collection, not per parcel.


Security surcharge

A modest fee per parcel for measures (such as increased cooperation with authorities, introduction of security checks) that represent our contribution to eliminating dangerous situations as much as possible.

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