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Best pallet transport prices to Sweden! Discount from price-list -15%, valid until the end of October.

Prices from 76 EUR.

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No deliveries on Saaremaa on the 1st of October.


Due to the disruption in ferry traffic between Saaremaa and mainland, there will be no deliveries on Saaremaa on the 1st of October.  Goods will be delivered on Monday. 

Additional one working day is added to delivery time for shipments sent from Saaremaa. 

We apologize for any inconveniences!


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With DPD’s you never lose sight of your parcels. If at any time you won’t be at home, you can specify when and where we should deliver your shipment.  

DPD Eesti AS uus tegevjuht

Alates 1.10.2016 on DPD Eesti AS-i uueks tegevjuhiks Rainer Rohtla, kes töötab ettevõttes aastast 2008. Eelnevalt on ta täitnud arendusjuhi ning seejärel operatsioonide juhi rolli. Alates käesoleva aasta jaanuarist kuulub Rainer Rohtla Baltikumi juhtkonda.


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