31. October 2019 | CSR news

DPDgroup innovates for better life in city centres

World Cities Day, on 31 October, is the opportunity for DPDgroup to reaffirm its contribution to building a better future through smart urban delivery initiatives. DPDgroup is deploying smart urban delivery solutions to deliver parcels more effectively across Europe, working in close cooperation with city authorities to support and promote clean air and bringing delivery closer to customers.

Smart urban delivery solutions are deployed in many cities where significant results have already been recorded.

  • 9 urban depots are located in Warsaw, opened from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

  • Chronopost is the first company to deliver the entire city of Paris in low emission vehicles.

  • In Madrid, 50,000 km are done by low emission means each year.

  • Dublin urban depot uses 100% renewable electricity.

  • In Tallinn, DPD delivers to lockers, robot towers, home lockers and small mobile robots, providing a large variety of alternative delivery options to the end consumer.

  • 2,200 parcels per day are delivered in Hambourg using a perfect mix of alternative vehicles.

  • In London, the Westminster urban depot is the UK’s first all-electric parcel depot. In the country, DPD expand its zero emission electric vehicles targeting to make 10% of its delivery fleet electric by 2021.