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Here you will find useful information related to parcel shipping and receiving. We’ve put together all the relevant information about domestic and international shipping as well as useful tools to track your parcel status. As a receiver, you can easily change your delivery via myDPD. Being a Pickup parcelshop, you probably find an answer on your question on the Pickup portal. Are you a webshop looking for the right shipping integration? We invite you to take a look at our shipping solutions.

Our customer service department is currently very busy. Therefore we need a little more time to answer your questions. Follow your parcel through the myDPD app or the online portal.

When will my parcel be delivered?

My parcel has not arrived (yet). What now?

What is a authorization to deposit?

Why is my parcel being delivered to a Pickup parcelshop?

How do I find my local Pickup parcelshop?

Find a Pickup parcelshop

Find a nearby Pickup parcelshop

Find a Pickup parcelshop

Find a nearby Pickup parcelshop

How can I check on the location of my parcel?

How many delivery attempts does DPD make to business addresses?

What is the diesel/kerosene surcharge, and how is the fuel surcharge calculated?

Can the driver pack my parcel for me?

What goods are excluded from transport?

Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator

Normal Girth Calculator
Parcelshop Calculator

To calculate the combined dimensions and volumetric weight of your parcel please complete the following three fields:


The combined dimensions of your parcel are:


The volumetric weigth of your parcel:


NOTE: This is a computed value which was not measured with calibrated scales - please see the note in the first paragraph.

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Where can I find a Pickup parcelshop?

What is a Pickup parcelshop?

When will my parcel be ready for collection from the parcelshop?

How long will my parcel be stored at the Pickup parcelshop?

I want to become a Pickup parcelshop. Where can I apply?

Find a parcel shop

Find a nearby Pickup parcelshop.

Find a parcel shop

Find a nearby Pickup parcelshop.

Where is my parcel?

How can I change the place or day of delivery?

What is a safe place?

Do I need to register for the DPD app?

What happens if I\'m not home?

When wil this service be available for customers in Luxembourg?

Is this a B2B or B2C service?

In which regions will DPD fresh be deployed?

Why choosing to deploy an actively refrigerated network?

I am interested in DPD fresh. How can I get in touch?

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