Contactless delivery

DPD Bezkontakta piegāde DPD Bezkontakta piegāde

Contactless delivery

Please note that the Epidemiological Safety Act states that it is the responsibility of the person not to expose another person to the risk of infection and that the person is obliged to follow the instructions of epidemiologists to prevent the risk of infection to other people's health. To minimize risks, we have introduced contactless shipping.

To receive a shipment and to avoid direct contact with the DPD courier, you are advised to designate a secure location at the recipient's address where the DPD courier can leave the shipment.

  • Upon receiving an SMS or an e-mail regarding the upcoming delivery, the Recipient may indicate a secure location at the Parcel Receiving Address where the DPD courier may leave the parcel;

  • To specify a secure location, click on the link provided by SMS or email and under "Shipping to a Safe Place", specify the location at the recipient's address where we can leave the shipment;

  • When the parcel is delivered at the destination, it will receive an SMS or e-mail confirming that the parcel has been delivered. If the consignee does not specify a safe place where we can leave the shipment, the DPD courier will contact the consignee by telephone and agree on the place where the shipment will be left.

Pay attention!

  • during the pandemic, the receivers documentation is not checked;

  • The recipient of the parcel will not have to sign for receipt of the shipment;

  • To change the delivery address, please click on the link you received via SMS or email;

  • The service request from the Recipient received in the DPD system or a record of the telephone conversation or other confirmation prepared by the DPD will serve as proof of receipt of the shipment;

  • we urge our clients to keep a safe distance (at least 2 meters) between the courier; if the customer refuses to receive the shipment, it will be returned to the sender;

  • contactless delivery is not possible for the following services - cashless on delivery (COD), Stacker, SWAP exchange service, return of documents (ROD).

DPD Latvia informs you about the following terms and conditions of compensation. The compensation payable shall not exceed:

  • 520.- EUR per one shipment unit, which has its own DPD parcel number and up to 13 000 EUR per shipment consisting of several units;

  • 265.- EUR per item, which has its own DPD parcel number and is delivered through a contactless delivery solution;

  • there is no refund in the case of safe delivery service.