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Help on the subject of sending parcels

 Here you will find questions and our answers relating to the subject of sending parcels: from initiating the shipping order via the maximum permitted weights and dimensions for DPD parcels right across to our parcel tracking function.

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How should I act as the consignee of a parcel?

According to all that is known so far, there is no increased health risk associated with signing on the handheld scanner. Based on current knowledge, transmission of the coronavirus through contact with parcel surfaces is extremely unlikely.

However, as a precautionary measure, personal confirmation of receipt by signature at the private front door is suspended for the time being. In addition, for the moment small, flat parcels of a suitable size can be put in the consignee\'s letterbox.

In order to avoid direct contact as a precautionary measure, you as the consignee of the parcel can also help us in a very concrete way:

Provide us with a deposit okay, so that the delivery driver can leave the parcel without direct customer contact, for example in the garden shed, in the garage or in front of the apartment door. Observe the hygiene regulations and avoid any physical contact. This rule is also followed by our delivery personnel.

How should I act as the shipper of a parcel?

Please check, especially in the case of commercial delivery addresses, whether parcel delivery to the addressee is actually possible. In Germany and numerous EU countries, many shops have to be closed on official orders.

Exceptions to this rule are, among others, food retailers, drugstores, banks, wholesalers, beverage markets, pharmacies, medical supply stores, dry cleaners, building, gardening and pet supplies stores. The regulations may vary in the individual federal states.

You will find more detailed information on the regulations in other European countries below.

How is DPD dealing with the Pickup parcelshops in the current situation?

Many DPD Pickup parcelshops are open to customers and parcel consignees. The Parcel Shop Finder will show you which parcel shops are currently open.

In order to guarantee you a secure delivery, at our parcel shops your parcels are also handed over in a contact-free way. The parcel shop employee will document both the ID card check and the parcel hand-over. Until further notice, consignees will no longer sign for the parcel on our scanners.

Are there any restrictions on parcel shipping?

Parcel deliveries and collections in Germany are in general being implemented as normal, as long as this is not restricted by the local authorities.

Current border closures within Europe do NOT currently apply to the movement of goods.

Nevertheless, delays in international parcel shipping may occur due to border controls. This applies in particular to the movement of goods to Poland, Austria and Italy, where there are considerable bottlenecks and waiting times at border crossings.

In individual regions it is also not possible to deliver or collect parcels due to official directives.

A list of detailed postcode areas can be found here for DPD EXPRESS. For DPD Classic there are currently no exclusion zones.

You will find more detailed information on individual regions with existing restrictions below.

What steps is DPD taking in response to the spread of the coronavirus?

DPD is helping to counteract the further spread of the coronavirus and protect its own workforce with a series of measures.

As a precautionary measure, personal confirmation of receipt by signature at the private front door is suspended for the time being. In addition, for the moment small, flat parcels of a suitable size can be put in the consignee\'s letterbox. We encourage customers and consignees to give us a deposit okay, so that no personal contact is necessary at all.

Employees whose presence on site is not required are working from home until further notice. Business trips are kept to a necessary minimum, and participation in large-scale events such as trade fairs has been suspended until further notice.

DPD is making its staff, and in particular all delivery personnel, more aware of appropriate hygiene measures. Personal confirmations of receipt for parcel deliveries have been suspended until further notice. Updated pandemic plans exist for all locations in order to maintain our service even in the event of an increase in corona cases.


What specific restrictions apply to parcel deliveries within Germany?

Currently there are no known restrictions on parcel shipping within Germany. All DPD parcel centres are operating at normal capacity. However, local delays and restrictions due to official directives issued at short notice cannot be ruled out.

What specific restrictions are there on international parcel shipping?

However, delays may occur due to border checks. This applies in particular to parcel shipments between Germany and the following countries:

  • France

  • Italy

  • Austria

  • Poland

In individual regions it is also not possible to deliver or collect parcels due to official directives. You can find a detailed list of the postcode areas here.

A list of detailed postcode areas can be found here for DPD EXPRESS. For DPD Classic there are currently no exclusion zones.

Parcel shipments to crisis areas in China, such as in the Wuhan region, are suspended until further notice.

In addition, many retailers and other businesses in several countries have had to temporarily cease their operations and are unable to receive parcels.

This applies in particular to the following countries:

  • Austria (for more information on the delivery situation in Austria)

  • Italy (for more information on the delivery situation in Italy)

  • France (for more information on the delivery situation in France)

  • Spain (for more information on the delivery situation in Spain)

  • Great Britain (for more information on the delivery in Great Britain)

Parcel shipping with DPD: information on the delivery situation in Austria

With effect from 14 April 2020 shops with a sales area of less than 400 square metres have been allowed to reopen. However, larger shopping centres, hairdressers, bars and restaurants will remain closed nationwide. These closures will continue until at least the beginning of May.

Shops in the following sectors are generally opened:

food retailing; food sales; drugstores; pharmacies; shops selling medical products and remedies; health and care services; animal feed sales; agricultural trade; petrol stations; security and emergency products and maintenance; banks, post and telecommunications; delivery services; cleaning and hygiene; public transport, tobacconists and newsagents; maintenance of critical infrastructure and emergency services; petrol stations.

There are currently no general restrictions on parcel deliveries and collections.

A constantly updated list of all postcode areas in which there are currently delivery restrictions due to the coronavirus can be found on the DPD Austria information page:

Parcel shipping with DPD: information on the delivery situation in Italy

After the Italian government declared the entire country a lockdown zone, the restrictions are gradually being relaxed. Nevertheless, many shops are expected to remain closed until mid-May. In spite of the restrictions, goods can still be transported to and from Italy at present.


Parcel shipping with DPD: information on the delivery situation in France

We are continuing to transport goods to and from France. Necessary operational modifications on the part of DPD France may result in noticeably longer delivery times in some cases. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

This does not apply to parcel deliveries by our partner Chronopost.

France is also imposing massive restrictions on the retail trade and catering.

Restaurants, bars, cafés, discotheques and cinemas are closing, as are most shops. Exceptions are made for grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and petrol stations.

Parcel shipping with DPD: information on the delivery situation in Spain

We are continuing to transport goods to and from Spain. However, numerous business consignees cannot be reached due to official closures, and a large number of shops have to remain closed.

There are exceptions, especially for food retailing, pharmacies and petrol stations.

Parcel shipping with DPD: information about the delivery situation in Great Britain

The United Kingdom government has taken additional measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Because of these measures, all non-essential businesses are now closed. As a result all DPD Pickup parcelshops in the UK are temporarily closed, and parcel delivery or collection is currently not possible there.

In spite of this DPD is still delivering parcels as usual in the UK, and goods are still being shipped from Germany. Delays in delivery are possible, however.

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What is the diesel/kerosene surcharge, and how is the fuel surcharge calculated?

The diesel surcharge reflects price trends on the energy market. This means that the additional costs caused by any rise in diesel prices are passed on to the business shipper. The amount of the currently applicable surcharge can be viewed online at any time. The fuel surcharge is charged as a percentage of the net shipping costs and shown separately on the invoice.

When will the parcel be picked up when I select \"Pickup at home \"?

The collection is usually 1-2 working days (Monday-Friday) after the assignment.

Does the recipient receive the information on which parcelshop the parcel is delivered?

Yes, if you have given us the e-mail address of the recipient, we will also send him a delivery notification.

What is a reference number?

A reference number can, for example, be your invoice number which the shipper can enter additionally when recording an order, i.e. in creating the parcel label. The provision of a reference number is optional. Please note that reference numbers can\'t be used for parcel tracking purposes. You need the parcel number for this.

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What does \'girth\' (combined circumference plus longest side) mean?

The girth is the maximum permitted parcel size. It is calculated as follows: (height + width) x 2 + length of the parcel in cm. You can calculate this conveniently online in our girth calculator.

What is the maximum shipping weight?

Parcels delivered directly to the consignee can be shipped up to a weight of 31.5 kg. When sending parcels to a Pickup parcelshop, the maximum weight is 20 kg.

What is the maximum girth?

The girth – (height + width) x 2 + length – is used to limit the size of parcels and must not exceed 3 m. For parcels shipped from a Pickup parcelshop the girth must not exceed 2.5 m. To calculate the gith size you can use our girth calculator.

What is the volumetric weight? And how do I calculate it?

The volumetric weight indicates the amount of cargo space a parcel takes up and is calculated for DPD Express parcels, which are transported by airfreight. The volumetric weight is only calculated if it exceeds the actual weight. You can calculate the volumetric weight conveniently in the DPD volumetric weight calculator. Or with the formula: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/5,000 (cm³/kg).

How do I calculate the size of my parcel?

With DPD you can ship parcels in a wide range of sizes. You can calculate the size of your parcel by adding the longest and the shortest sides of the parcel together. When you start an order in myDPD and the DPD App you can have the parcel size calculated simply and conveniently by entering the dimensions (length x width x height).

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What is DPD 8:30?

If it has to go very fast: Express delivery by 8:30 hrs on the next working day. Shipping is from monday to friday.

What is DPD mail?

Dispatch of business mail to Saver fare.

What is DPD 10:00?

If it has to go very fast: Express delivery by 10:00 hrs on the next working day. Shipping is from monday to friday.

What is DPD 12:00?

If it has to go very fast: Express delivery by 12:00 hrs on the next working day. Shipping is from monday to friday.

What is DPD 18:00?

If it has to go very fast: Express delivery by 18:00 hrs on the next working day. Shipping is from monday to friday.

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What is proactive notification?

We will inform you when your parcel has been delivered.

Why are some additional services not offered to me?

The additional services are dependent on the selected product or the selected combinations within the additional services.

What does \' predict \' mean?

Predict is our service, with which we tell the recipient on the day of delivery exactly when his parcel comes. In live tracking, the time window even updates to up to 30 minutes.

What is the express delivery on Saturday?

Delivery of business parcels on Saturday with DPD 12:00 with pickup the day before. If the parcel arrives earlier in the depot, it isn\'t stored until Saturday, but is delivered on the next business day.

What is a tracking email?

The recipient will receive an email with a tracking link to track the shipment. Please enter the email address of the recipient.

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Does the recipient receive a message about when my parcel will reach him?

If you use our \"predict \" service and the e-mail address or mobile phone number of the recipient has been deposited, the recipient will receive a notification of delivery-to the hour exactly. He can then redirect the parcel as it suits him.

The status of my parcel has not changed for a long time. What could be the reason for this?

The GPS signal can fail or the driver is making an extensive stop. If the parcel status does not change for several hours, please contact our customer service with the parcel number.

Can I track the parcel live as a shipper?

Live tracking shows you exactly where your parcel is located.

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Exports under 1.000 EUR

For goods shipments with a value of less than 1,000 EUR there is the option of a verbal declaration. A verbal declaration is a physically expressed declaration of intent and is restricted to special cases (see directive on implementation of the customs code, Customs code DVO Article 226). A commercial invoice or pro forma invoice is sufficient for the verbal declaration. For this purpose the EORI system (Economic Operators\' Registration and Identification System) is being launched for companies, for the purpose of transmitting the data to the EU. The economic operators\' data is saved under the so-called EORI ID number. In accordance with the directive on export trade AWV § 4c (3), an export shipment is defined as \"the quantity of goods which an exporter exports at the same time via the same customs office of exit for the same country of destination\". This means that all shipments which are sent to the same consignee on the same day have to be combined. If the combined goods value is greater than 1,000 EUR an export declaration with an MRN (movement reference number) has to be drawn up for these shipments.

Export declaration

The export declaration is required by the responsible customs office (office of export) for goods shipped to countries outside of the EU. It acts as a customs document for export controls, a document of registration with the export trade statistics and if necessary as proof of exemption from value added tax. In Germany a written export declaration must be submitted for any shipment with a value which exceeds the statistical threshold of € 1000. Since 1 July 2009 export declarations can only be submitted electronically using the ATLAS export procedure.

Export process - two-stage

In accordance with the customs code the export declaration has to be submitted to the customs office which is responsible for the location where the shipper is located or where the goods are packed or loaded. In the two-stage process the declaration is submitted to this customs office. The processing of all export formalities as well as the monitoring of exit from the EU is implemented at the customs office of exit. You are requested to use the two-stage export procedure wherever possible, because with DPD parcels are not normally processed via customs offices which have the status of a customs office of exit (internal customs offices).


ATLAS (Automatisiertes Tarif- und Lokales Zoll-Abwicklungs-System) is an internal IT system operated by the German customs authorities and forms the basis for the automated processing and monitoring of goods transported across borders. With ATLAS, written customs declarations and administrative documents (for example notice of import duty) are replaced by electronic communications. This automates, simplifies and speeds up customs operations.

Export Accompanying Document (EAD)

The Export Accompanying Document (EAD) replaces the existing declaration on the Single Administrative Document (Form 0733). You will receive the EAD with the Movement Reference Number (MRN) which is required for the export of the goods after the export declaration has been processed successfully by the responsible customs office.


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