Information for the Consignor

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What should I do to send a parcel to Great Britain?

  • Please generate a label using DPD Online or another application of your choice;
  • Please fill in your customs clearance form. Please provide all the necessary information according to the instructions. There is instruction provided in DPD Online, which tells you how to fill in all the required fields;
  • The data entered to the form MUST match the data on the invoice;
  • Please attach soft copy of your invoice to the form and place the original one on the outside of the package (in case of possible customs control at the border);
  • Please make sure you have provided the Customs Clearance Authorization to DPD NL, which is responsible for the customs clearance in the UK shipping process. The authorization can be found HERE;
  • Please send the scan of the filled out authorization to the [email protected] address – you will receive the document correctness confirmation. Please provide the original of the authorization to DPD Polska sp. z o.o., Dział Administracji Sprzedaży (Sales Administration Department), Mineralna 5, 02-274 Warsaw;
  • If you are sending parcels of shipment value less than 135 GBP to the individual receivers, please register for HMRC. Registration link:

What information is required on the invoice attached to my parcel?

A correct invoice should consist of at least the following data:
  1. Date and place of the VAT invoice issuance, type of the VAT invoice and invoice number;
  2. Full details of the Consignor, including tax identification number and EORI number;
  3. Full details of the Buyer, including telephone number and email. PLEASE NOTE: in case the Buyer is a corporate entity, tax identification number and EORI number should be provided;
  4. Parcel shipping address, inluding telephone number and email;
  5. Full delivery address;
  6. Commodity data: commodity name, quantity, value, VAT rate, currency, customs tariff code of each product, country of origin and parcel transporting cost;
  7. Incoterms 2020.

How does DPD confirm the commodity export?

DPD provides a Proof of Export (POE), example of which can be found below. In order to obtain a POE, please send an email to [email protected]. The body of the message should include a filled out application, which can be found HERE.

Information for the Consignee

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Where does the customs clearance take place?

All parcels are customs cleared by DPD Netherlands. DPD Poland company does not take part in the customs clearance of the parcel and is only responsible for delivery within the territory of Poland. Deliveries from the UK arrive in the territory of the European Union in the Netherlands and undergo the clearance process there;

Is it possible to change the customs clearence agency?

It is not possible to change the customs clearence agency;

Why is the Dutch VAT rate charged?

Because the parcel entered the European Union in the Netherlands, and the customs rules of the European Union stipulate that the customs declaration must be completed in the first country after crossing the border - even if the parcel is transported further. In the case of parcels sent in DPD UK, the place of import is the Netherlands, therefore the Dutch VAT rates apply;

How will I be informed of the need to pay the amount due for the parcel?

Information about the amount due is sent by DPD Netherlands. You can pay the amount due using the link provided in the body of the message. The only available payment method is the credit card;

Can DPD Poland correct documents issued by DPD Netherlands?

DPD Poland cannot correct the documentation issued by DPD Netherlands;

Can DPD Poland adjust customs fees?

DPD Poland cannot change or interfere with the rates and fees resulting from the obligation to cover costs, duties and taxes;

What are the administration costs?

The administration costs are the costs of processing the customs declaration and related documents. The costs also include VAT on these activities;

How can I get an invoice for import fees?

You will receive an invoice immediately after payment. The data on the invoice will be consistent with the document available after clicking the display payment request button before the payment is made.