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There are many benefits to opening an account with DPD. Importantly, it will give us the opportunity to better understand your logistics needs and determine where we can add greater value as your delivery partner. As an account holder you will also have full access to our online customer portal – designed to make the entire shipping process simple and more flexible for small and large-scale businesses alike.

It has the advantage of bringing all of your activities and records into a single comprehensive platform. You will have the ability to book collections, track your parcels, print labels, view POD's, check your monthly statements and much more. You will also have the ability to maintain and access your address book as well as your customer specific shipping preferences for greater convenience. We look forward to working with you.


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With our convenient pre-paid account facility, you are in control of your courier spend. You can open a DPD Laser pre-paid account with a minimum of R1,000 initial deposit. As your funds deplete, you can simply top-up your facility to ensure uninterrupted courier service. 


Please follow the steps below to open a pre-paid account

Step 2 - Upload the signed documents

Submit online pre-paid application

Step 3 - Receive your account number and login details

myDPD Laser credentials

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myDPD Laser credentials


myDPD Laser is a free online information portal for account holders, designed to make your shipping process even simpler. From the portal, authorised users can book collections, track parcels, print labels, view PODs as well as view billing, reporting and other account information.

You will be issued with a master username and password (credentials). It is essential that these credentials are only shared with people who are allowed to access your account. Once you login with these master credentials, you will be required to create your own unique profile.

Step 4 - Login to myDPD Laser and start shipping


With our convenient 30-day account facility, you can ensure uninterrupted courier service. Please enter your information below. One of our Sales Consultant will get in contact with you to discuss your options and facilitate opening your account.


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Considering to engage with us for your parcel delivery? Whether large or small, we'll have a solution for you. Please help us understand your courier needs better by completing the form below. We'll then ensure we put the right consultant in contact with you.


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