We never stop looking for new ways to make each customer experience memorable.

Whether you are a customer expecting a delivery or a customer shipping a parcel – there are many benefits for choosing to partner with DPD Laser.

As the receiver:

As the receiver:

We put you in control
With real-time parcel tracking supported by our in-flight parcel redirect options, you decide when and where you want to receive your parcel. So, if you’re unexpectedly not able to receive your parcel, you can always modify the delivery day or place of delivery, so that you’ll never have to miss a parcel again.

You can now also elect to have your parcels delivered to one of our DPD Laser Parcelshops or any other DPD Laser Pickup point. A useful feature if you’re on the move and need to arrange a convenient and safe delivery point.

We give you added peace of mind
Our interactive delivery notifications are aimed at keeping our customers connected and in control of their parcel delivery. In a security conscious environment we also provide specific driver and delivery vehicle details for added peace of mind.

We keep you safe
We have leveraged our technology to adjust our delivery procedure to comply with current guidelines on social distancing. We have called this ‘contactless delivery.’ Click the button below to watch how it’s done. Rest assured, both you and your parcels are safe with us.

As the sender:

As the sender:

We deliver the way you expect us to
We understand that we’re an extension of our customers’ brand, so we continually invest in training to ensure that our couriers deliver their parcels with professional etiquette and compliance excellence.

We plan ahead and have the infrastructure and capacity to accommodate seasonal shopping trends, so that your customers enjoy a reliable delivery experience for 52 weeks of the year.

We keep your customers connected
We send interactive delivery notifications throughout the parcel journey from point of dispatch to final delivery – we believe in staying in touch until our job is done.

We provide complete visibility
Our tracking events provide a comprehensive audit trail of your parcels movements up to the point of delivery, all in real time. This extends to the provision of photographic evidence of attempted delivery in instances where the recipient is not available.

We offer your customers simple and convenient returns
Our returns service complements your customer’s delivery experience in that it’s simple and easy to use. We have removed all the hard work, so that all your customer needs to do is book online and we’ll do the rest. No labels, no fuss.

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