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My DPD application

My DPD application is used mainly for ordering the shipping and for printing the shipping labels. It could be used both by clients with an assigned client number (tab Registration) and it is recommended for small and medium-sized clients.

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You are our client with an assigned client number:

Ask for your login details by writing us an e-mail at [email protected] or by calling our Customer Service Line on +420 225 373 373.


You do not have an assigned client number:

Order the shipment to the EU at If you are interested in cooperation and a more favorable shipping cost, please contact us. You can also go to one of our depots. There already with your shipment advise.

It helps you to arrange everything for your shipping

  • Making the order and creating the shipping labels
  • Printing the shipping labels
  • Transport ordering (parcels pick-up)
  • Entering data regarding your shipments (e.g. cash on delivery amounts or telephone numbers of the consignees)
  • Uploading the address book of your consignees and data regarding your shipments
  • Complaint lodging and drawing up the Damage Report

It saves your time

  • Automatic uploading of the data regarding your shipments (consignee, address) in the interval you choose
  • No need to monitor the numerical series of your labels
  • No need to make a backup of your data

It gives you a clear overview of and control over

  • The history of your shipments including online tracking
  • The price of your shipments
  • Your Client Account with an overview of your orders that can be exported into an special file allowing you to further process it
  • Your accounts and invoices that can be generated in a special file

And something more

  • You will have access to new services and you will not miss anything
  • Internet connection. The supported Web browsers are: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (all their versions for Microsoft).
  • PDF Reader, Adobe Reader, PDF Creator, etc. (for generating a PDF file of the labels and not printing them out directly).
  • Java 7 and higher versions (for printing the labels out directly, without creating a PDF file).
  • Recommended configuration of your computer: MS Windows 7 and higher, 4 GB of RAM, Core 2 processor of 2 GHz frequency.


Do you need our help? Contact us at our e-mail [email protected] (on working days from 7:00 to 18:00) and arrange a consultation with our technical support operator. Then, download and run the remote support program. The operator of the technical support will call you, give you further instructions and explain how to proceed.


  • TeamViewer - Software for Remote Support (5,17 MB)

Revision Date: August 20, 2018

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