Why going for this service

Why going for this service

The shipment is stored for 7 days
We will keep each parcel safe for your costumers at the Pickup parcelshop for up to 7 calendar days. Then we will send it back to you.

Opening hours during weekends
Most of our parcelshops are open at least one day on weekends.

Contuinous notification
The recipient is informed on the day of collection. Furthermore, the recipient is informed upon delivery of the parcel to the parcelshop and in case that the recipient does not pick up the consignment within 4 days of storage time, he is informed of he impending return of the parcel to the sender.

Continously expanding network
At DPD, we are constantly innovation, which is related to the increase in the number of our Pickup parcelshops. At present, you can use almost 1,250 Pickup parcelshops in the Czech Republic.

Become a Pickup parcelshop

Become a Pickup parcelshop partner


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Pickup parcelshop


Our Pickup Parcelshops network has a unique structure all over Europe.


Currently, you can send parcels with us to 25 countries all over Europe.

Pickup parcelshops in Czech Republic

At the moment, we have almost 1250 Pickup parcelshops in the Czech Republic.

Pickup parcelshops in Europe

With DPD, you can use more than 46 000 Pickup Parcelshops.

Maximum weight, length and girth

Weight up to 15 kg

The maximum permitted weight is 15 kg (for each individual shipment).

Length up to 100 cm

Maximum length of the longest side 100 cm.

Girth 250 cm

Maximum girth 250 cm (2x width + 2x height + 1x length).

Frequently asked questions and answers

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