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Where can I find information about where my parcel is right now?

You can track each step of your parcel route in our Parcel Tracking Tool.

Fill in the number of your parcel (it usually has 14 characters) into the search box. In a moment, you will see where your parcel is right now and on the day of delivery, you can check the time window of the delivery of your parcel (only for DPD Private).

How can I change the date and place of delivery?

You can easily change the date or place of delivery in our DPD Kuryr application at In bigger towns, we also offer morning delivery for an extra charge. If the address of delivery is changed, we will deliver the parcel the next following working day. Please be informed that when you change the delivery from an address to a Pickup Point, it is not possible to switch back to the other address delivery and parcel must be collected at the selected Pickup Point.

Our Pickup points cannot accept tyres.

How can I file a complaint about a damaged or lost parcel?

The complaint about a parcel can be filed only by the sender who is the payer of the transport. Did you receive a damaged parcel or when you opened the parcel, you found out it was damaged by transportation? We are very sorry for that. Here you can find the steps to take in such situations so that everything is settled as fast as possible. The transport packaging is visibly damaged or deformed. If the courier brought you a parcel in a damaged packaging, you have every right to refuse it. You can also receive it and fill in the Damage Report form with the courier (if it was not drawn up already in the depot) and check if its content is not damaged. If the goods are damaged, you can return the parcel directly to the courier and then contact the sender to process the complaint. The transport packaging is all right, but the content of the parcel is damaged. If you find out that the content of the package is damaged, fill in the Damage Report form at within seven days at the latest, or contact directly the sender of the parcel to process the complaint.

Where can I find depots or Pickup Points?

The list of our depots where you can pick up and send parcels can be found here.

The map of our Pickup Points where you can pick up your parcel in person can be found here.

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How do I order transportation?

For person-to-person delivery or unregistered clients we have a web application. The application is designed for sending parcels between private persons, as well as unregistered companies in the Czech Republic and selected European countries. You will quickly find out what the transportation price and delivery time are and you do not have to print out any shipping labels – the courier will take care of everything. You will pay easily by a credit card. In the morning of the pick-up day, we will send you an e-mail informing you about the time window of the courier's arrival. Within the Czech Republic, senders can change the time and place of delivery in the DPD Kuryr application. All consignees of parcels sent within the Czech Republic and the EU will receive an SMS or an e-mail with the notification of an exact one-hour time window of the parcel delivery. You can also visit one of our depots where our employees will take care of the parcel.

Registered clients: We offer a comfortable solution via our My DPD application at where you can find a comprehensive offer of our shipping services providing shipping into 230 countries of the world, as well as options, parcel import, printing of shipping labels, management of consignees\' addresses, accounts, etc. The application is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. You can of course use the web services of My DPD API. For more information about the My DPD application, go to the following website.

If you wish to send parcels with DPD on a regular basis and in bigger numbers, please fill in this form. We will contact you within 48 hours. We will discuss the conditions, prices and other details together.

The overview of basic price lists and surcharges can be found at this link.

Look at 7 steps that make sending your parcel easier at this link.

Where can I order labels?

You can order labels in the form here.

How shall I proceed if the parcel is not delivered?

If the parcel is not delivered successfully the first time, it is automatically being redelivered the next following working day. If the parcel is not delivered successfully the second time, it is automatically left in the depot to be picked up by the consignee in person within 7 calendar days. We try to deliver the parcel for the third time only on demand made in the DPD Kuryr app or by contacting us by filling in this form.

My customer has received a damaged parcel. How should I proceed?

If the parcel is visibly damaged, or if the consignee opens it in presence of the courier and finds out that the delivered goods are damaged, the consignee will draw up the Damage Report together with the courier. We will inform you (being the sender) about the damaged parcel and you will then agree on the compensation or money refund with the consignee on your own.

If the consignee finds out about the damage only after the courier has left, the consignee is obliged to fill in the Damage Report within two weeks after the parcel delivery, or to ask you (being the sender) to fill it in. The complaint settlement will again depend on your individual agreement with the consignee.

Even unpleasant complaints will be dealt with pleasantly at DPD. You can find more information at

Download the instructions on “How to claim for damage to my parcel?”

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What are the opening hours of my parcelshop?

Our Pickup points are integrated into the stores and therefore it depends on the respective opening times of the specific store. In our parcelshop finder, you can find your parcelshop location near you and see what the opening hours are. If your parcelshop does not hold the stated opening hours, you can contact our team.

When will my shipment be ready to be collected at the Pickup parcelshop?

As soon as we deliver your shipment to the parcelshop, you will receive an e-mail notification together with an SMS. If you have redirected the shipment or we have not found you at home, we will inform you about the collection options on the shipment notification card, which is located in your mailbox, but you will also receive an e-mail and an SMS.

How long will my package be stored at the Pickup parcelshop?

Shipments that are delivered to the parcelshops are stored there for a period of 7 calendar days. Calendar days are every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Can I pick up a parcels for a family member or partner?

Yes, you can pick up a parcel for a family member, friend or acquaintance. To do this, you will only need to know the PIN that will be send to the recipient of the shipment in an e-mail or SMS.
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What do they mean following error pop up messages?

Routing API not found. Chyba! Kód služby u zásilky podle kombinace hlavního produktu a doplňkových produktů nebyl nalezen. Working area not found.

Missing main products during the shipment creation?

Receiver address is not filled or there is used wrong zip code.

Error 500 Internal Server Error - during the loading of the application?

The cache must be cleared since the beginning of time.