SECURITY WARNING: Attempt to misuse DPD brand in fraudulent vehicle sale. To our great regret we have noticed an attempt to misuse the DPD brand.

DPD Czech rep. repeatedly and strongly warns against the attempts to abuse the DPD brand and name via an internet fraud promising an advantageous purchase of a nearly new vehicle brought from abroad to the Czech Republic. The alleged seller uses various advertising servers to promise the interested person a handover of the vehicle via the DPD transport company against a payment sent to an alleged DPD bank account where it would be placed in a safekeeping until the transaction is completed, and, in case of any discontentment, returned to the buyer. Thus, the good name and brand of the DPD company are abused to provide the buyer a false certainty regarding the trustworthiness of the transaction.


The fraudulent communication is carried out, among others, through the identity of fake companies DPD Cargo, DPD International, etc., and fake web domains, such as or



DPD Czech rep., as well as all the other companies within DPDgroup, does not provide such services and never were. We urgently warns you not to respond to such demands and not to make payments of this kind! DPD accepts no liability for any damage or loss which results from such payments. In such cases we advise you to report the matter to the police without delay.


Naturally, DPD Czech rep., as well as DPDgroup, completely distances itself from similar fraud attempts and cannot be made responsible for any damage that might be caused by carelessly meeting the fraudulent requirements of this kind.


DPD Czech rep. and its partners proceed against this fraud in compliance with the legislation of registered trade mark protection. We also actively cooperate with the law enforcement authorities.


Should you witness such (or similar) practices, we would be happy for any information at [email protected], and, in the same time, we recommend you to immediately contact police authorities of the Czech Republic.


Revision Date: May 29, 2019