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Properly packaged parcel is important for smooth transport

  • Does my parcel meet all allowed maximum dimensions?
  • Did I choose the packaging according to the weight of the parcel? Is it going to be protected adequately during transport?
  • Is the packaging going to last the movement on a roller tracks in the depot? Can the packed parcel withstand an 80cm fall without damage? (80cm is the height of the roller track).
  • Are the gaps inside the parcel filled and braced? (We recommend you use foam profiles, polyester fixation, air pillows and/or bubble wrap.)
  • Can the parcel withstand a static load five times greater that its own weight?
  • Are all covers and openings firmly closed and sealed so the parcel cannot open by itself?
  • Are all old labels peeled off the packaging? (A wrong label might confuse us when delivering the correct address.)
  • How to pack your parcels properly, valid as of March 1, 2018 (12,35 MB)

Don't let all the criteria startle you

Each requirement is necessary so the consignee would meet it's parcel on the right time at the right place. We'll be transporting your parcel in the most stable position to make sure it doesn't fall down. Don't forget marking fragile contents with a handling label. Since we sort parcels on the roller track we don't transport parcels that are tided or sticked together.

And one more thing

Do not underestimate marking the parcel with an original tape (e.g. as a part of your corporate identity) so the consignee can think of you when unwrapping the joy you have sent him.

Revision Date: May 24, 2018