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City Service

Do you need reliable and especially fast delivery of a consignment within Bratislava? Use the City Service.

The City Service is suitable for the delivery of urgent consignments, documents, samples or contracts which the sender needs to deliver to the addressee as fast as possible.

Parcels up to the weight of 31.5 kg can be delivered with the product City Service and combining the City Service with the product Exchange Parcel the DPD clients may send urgent consignments, for example the already signed contracts, back immediately.

After entering of the order on the customer line 18 373 or by e-mail at the address [email protected], the DPD courier will pick up the parcel within two hours and deliver it to the addressee.

The service price depends on the place of delivery of the parcel. For this product, Bratislava is divided to 4 price zones based on the postcodes, according to distance from the city centre. DPD charges 3.65 € for delivery of the parcel in the 1st zone, the price for the 2nd zone is 4.30 €, delivery to the 3rd zone costs 5.15 € and the 4th zone costs 6.30 €. The prices are without VAT.


  • Zones of Bratislava (1,24 MB)