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DPD Czech Republic is a part of the international DPDgroup shipping network which belongs to the absolute top carriers on the parcel and express services market, it even ranks second in Europe. Thanks to the combination of modern technologies with high level of local knowledge, we are capable to ship more than 5.2 million parcels in over 230 countries all over the world with a network of 42 000 Pickup points.

And you will be a part of it now - thank you for staying with us and for helping us to create the values such as respect, quality and enthusiasm.


Pickup parcelshops

  • As of 1 February 2021, the Pickup parcelshops and Geis point networks will be finally merged.

  • In November and December, intensive communication and rebranding are taking place.

  • Each new pickup point will be given a telephone, terminal and relevant marketing items.

Frequently asked questions

  • I am an existing operator of Geis Point, how will the new cooperation with DPD look like?

Current pickup points operators will be gradually contacted by our employees to discuss all details. Please, also pay attention to email messages we send you.

  • Is there anything I have to do to be able to keep operating the pickup point? Will you want to e.g. conclude a new contract with me?

If you are a current operator of a Geis Point, we would like to continue cooperating with you. Please contact our Pickup department, or fill in the form on our website under the link I want to become a pickup parcelshop| DPD.

  • Where can I find a list of pickup points operated by Direct Parcel Distribution?

All the pickup points operated by DPD can be found on the following website: There you can find the list of pickup points not only in the Czech Republic, but also of those that can be used by our customers in other countries.

  • Is there a difference in the process of functioning of Direct Parcel Distribution pickup points?

Operation of pickup points does not differ in any significant way, nevertheless, please pay enough attention to the introductory instructions by the sales representative so that you know how the process will be carried out. If you have further questions or need further clarifications, please contact our Pickup department.

  • Will DPD equip its pickup points with new terminals?

Yes, pickup points will be provided with new equipment, mobile phones with a special application for operating pickup points. The equipment is fully financed by the DPD company.

  • Will DPD provide the pickup points operators with equipment to mark the pickup point?

Yes, all pickup points will be newly marked in order to have a uniform appearance. All the equipment necessary for marking the pickup point will be provided by the DPD company. 

  • Is it possible to have cash on delivery parcels delivered to DPD pickup points?

Yes, it is possible to have cash on delivery payments delivered to a pickup point, too. At the moment, payment by card is not possible at pickup points yet. We are preparing to launch payments by card in 2021.

  • How will money collected from the cash on delivery parcels be handed over?

Collected cash on delivery payments have to be sent to our bank account with assigned variable and specific symbols before each Wednesday. You will be informed about the exact procedure by our employees who will go through the transition to Direct Parcel Distribution with you.

  • How long does the parcel stay stored in the pickup point?

Zásilka může na výdejním míst zůstat nejdéle 7 dnů, pokud nedojde k jejímu vyzvednutí do této doby, vrací se do překladiště DPD. 

  • The parcel can be stored at the pickup point for a maximum of 7 days. If it is not picked up by this time, it is returned to the DPD depot.

How do you inform the consignees about having their parcels stored at a pickup point? The consignee is informed about the stored parcels by SMS sent to the telephone number and email provided by the consignees. If the parcel is not collected on the first day, consignees are informed repeatedly after 2 days by SMS and after 3 days also by email.

  • Can the consignee have the parcel sent to a different pickup point or address?

If the consignee redirects the parcel to a specific pickup point during delivery, another redirecting is not possible and the consignee is obliged to pick it up there.

  • Does DPD allow submitting parcels also for shipping at its pickup points? And what about the return parcels of online shops?

Selected DPD pickup points allow submitting return parcels. Submitting of individual parcels is expected to be launched in the nearest future.

  • I would like to run a pickup point for Direct Parcel Distribution company. Who shall I contact?

Please contact us via our website here.