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„Our success depends on people.“

Lenka Miess

HR Director

This is who we are

National Sales Manager

Martin Olša, National Sales Manager, has been on the same board with us for more than a year now and he is in charge of one of the three main divisions of our sales department. He gained his precious managerial experience both in the Czech Republic and abroad, he worked for example in the United Arab Emirates where he participated in opening our branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And when he puts his managerial responsibilities aside for a moment, he enjoys spending time with his family and travelling. Besides our DPD red colour, he also looks for the greenery - be it on the golf green or on his cycling wanderings.


Depot Manager in Olomouc

Hanka Palčová is our only woman power in the management of depots. With her beautiful smile and contagious energy, she manages the depot in Olomouc and the proof of doing her job really well is her winning the award in our internal competition called "The Depot of the Year". She has been working at DPD for 8 years now, initially as a part-time worker, then as an office worker and consequently as a Driver Relation Specialist. She has been in charge of the whole depot since 2019. She likes spending time with her friends and she has the lucky character of forgetting all the bad stuff in a moment. She enjoys sports - she runs and plays volleyball, but in the first place, she supports her two football player boys every weekend. In her free time, she likes reading a good book.


Customer Service Manager

Petra Baborová is one of our pillars - she was at the very beginning of DPD in the Czech Republic , she worked in various departments, she even moved with DPD several times, and two years ago, she entered our hall of fame. She began working at DPD in 1998 as an invoicing specialist, later on she tried other office positions and finally, she used all her experience as a leader of the Customer Service Department. At the moment, her biggest hobby is her two dogs. She likes spending time with her family and friends, and if there is a glass of good wine with it, it is absolutely perfect for her.


Head of Cash on Delivery Department

Young, smart and competent, but also nice, friendly and helpful - this is Tereza Kloučková, our Head of Cash on Delivery Department. Figuratively speaking, she handles a lot of money every day to get it where it is supposed to be, this is what Tereza and her Prague and Ostrava teams take care of. Besides numbers, she is interested in and likes reading books, doing puzzles, good food and good wine. To stay healthy, she does yoga and walks with her dog friend Gany.


Skladník v Nehvizdech

Michal Neruda has been a DPDer since 2017. He started in Dubeč, but in two weeks already, he had the chance to move with the whole team into a completely new depot in Nehvizdy. In the beginning, he worked as an office worker, after a year he became a Shift Leader and today, he is a Senior Warehouseman and Eco-specialist. Even though his job is his hobby and he spends a lot of time there, he also goes out to the nature and rides his mountain bike with enthusiasm. In his free time, he likes meeting with his friends and going on trips with them, or at least goes to grab a beer with them. We know that getting used to new environment and a different style of work takes some time. We try our best to make it easier for our novices. 


To be the most admired delivery company in CZ

DNA a hodnoty dpd anglicky DNA a hodnoty dpd anglicky

To be the most admired delivery company in CZ

Our values:

  • team spirit

  • passion

  • quality

  • respect

  • flexibility

How do we look after our new colleagues?

Onboarding_kariera Onboarding_kariera

How do we look after our new colleagues?

We know that getting used to new environment and a different style of work takes some time. We try our best to make it easier for our novices.

How do we look after our new colleagues?

  • Each novice has a detailed plan of training from their first day at work.
  • Everyone gets a welcome package and a small gift
  • Our colleagues from the HR department look after our novices intensively - they meet with them two times already during their probationary period.
  • We organise an interactive initial training and we show them the whole depot.
  • We promote the possibility of staff rotation in different departments and depots

However, the probationary period is not the end of it. Our new colleagues may look forward to many other development activities and company events organised throughout the whole year.

Balance between spending time at work and doing other activities

worklife_kariera_dpd worklife_kariera_dpd

Balance between spending time at work and doing other activities

We encourage our employees to find a balance between spending time at work and doing other activities - spending time with friends, family, doing sports or just relaxing.

What do we do for it?

  • Our working hours are flexible.
  • We allow working from home.
  • We enjoy 5-6 weeks of vacation.
  • We offer 2 sick days a year.
  • We organise family and company events.
  • We provide trainings on work/life - together, we look for ideal and balanced interconnection.
  • We provide a multisport card and other benefits.
  • We provide part-time jobs.

Responsibility in DPD

svetluska_beh_dpd svetluska_beh_dpd

Responsibility in DPD

Společenská odpovědnost nejsou u nás v DPD jen prázdná slova. Snažíme se proto pomáhat finančně, ale nebojíme se ani vyhrnout si rukávy a přiložit ruce k dílu tam, kde je potřeba:

  • již od roku 2003 všestranně podporujeme projekt Světluška Nadačního fondu českého rozhlasu

  • pro o. p. s. Arkádie v Teplicích zajišťujeme svoz a rozvoz výrobků chráněných dílen

  • Zapojujeme se do projektu Ukliďme Česko

  • Brigádničíme pro projekt Fondu ohrožených dětí Klokánek

  • v roce 2019 jsme se stali Ježíškovými vnoučaty

a mnoho dalšího...

Where to find us?
Mapa dep Mapa dep
Where to find us?

We have 14 depots in Czech republic.

Each of them also works as pickup parcelshop.