Pick up. Send. Whenever.

Pick up. Send. Whenever.

Do you want to pick up or return a shipment from your favorite e-shop? Need to send a parcel to a friend or family? We are introducing a new service - self-service DPD boxes (Pickup Station), which you can use not only for picking your parcels up, but also for sending them.

Our DPD boxes are located in easily accessible places near shopping malls and office buildings. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The boxes are a part of the Pickup points network. You can enjoy more than 1 300 Pickup points throughout the Czech Republic, where you can pick up and via most of them also send the parcels. Do you want to find the nearest one? The list of Pickup points is here.

Benefits of DPD box

pickup station dpd

Always open

They are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don't have to wait at home all day for the courier's arrival.

rychlé a jednoduché doručení dpd

Easy to ship, convenient to pick up

It will not take you more than half a minute to pick up and send the parcel through the box. You don't need any apps or Bluetooth. 

termín doručení

Flexible delivery

You can choose delivery to the DPD box directly in the e-shop or you can redirect the parcel via DPD kurýr app.


Sustainable delivery

Delivery to the boxes and Pickup points means less stops for our couriers, which reduces CO2 emissions that are produced. On top of that our parcel delivery is 100 % carbon neutral.

podání i vrácení balíků dpd

Easy returning parcels

If you have something to send, for example you return an order from the e-shop, you can order transport at this link with a few clicks and then leave the parcel in the box.


Suitable for heavier parcel

You can easily send shipments up to 15 kg to our Pickup parcelshops network. 

How to use our box

Pick up your parcel

  • After delivering your package to DPD box or after successful online payment (cash on delivery) we will send you a six-digit PIN code via SMS / e-mail.
  • Enter the PIN code to the box. Your assigned locker will open.
  • Pick up your parcel, close the locker and you are done.

Sending a parcel

  • Create and pay for your order in our new Hand it on web application.
  • After the payment we will send you a QR code. Scan it directly on our DPD box from your mobile phone. If you don’t have this option, print your QR code out and take it with you. 
  • After that the box will print out a shipping label. Place it on your parcel and put the parcel in the open locker.
  • You’re done! 


Easy integration for e-shops

Widget - the fastest solution of integration

Widget - the fastest solution of integration

The widget is the easiest way to integrate DPD boxes and Pickup Parcelshops list for your e-shop. You can customize its appearance to your e-shop and turn the branches / boxes on or off as needed. The customer can easily filter them on the map by location, opening hours or method of payment.

Own integration solution

Own integration solution

Do you already use your own solution with which you display Pickup Parcelshop points on your website? Simply download the list in CSV or XML format and clear instructions how to work with it.