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Help on the subject of receiving parcels

Here you will find questions and our answers relating to the subject of receiving parcels. We will tell you how to track and redirect your parcel, give you answers about parcel delivery, the ParcelLock box and how to evaluate our services.

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A parcel that is displayed to me as \"delivered\" has not arrived. What is the reason for this?

Can I also register a specific neighbour for my future parcels?

Can I change the deposit okay safe place at a later time?

Can I pick my parcel up from the delivery center, too?

Can I provide a deposit okay for a family member?

  • Empfangen - ParcelLock Paketkasten
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Can I send several parcels at the same time from my ParcelLock box?

How can I link my ParcelLock account?

How can I use the ParcelLock system for DPD parcels?

I need help for my ParcelLock box. Who can I contact?

My parcel is too big for the ParcelLock box. What can I do?

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Can I also give the DPD customer a tip bar?

Does the DPD customer receive the tip directly?

How can I change the rating I have provided?

How can I give a tip? What are the payment options?

How does DPD\'s rating and tipping function operate?


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