We are warning against phishing emails imitating communication from DPD

Direct Parcel Distribution CZ s.r.o. warns against fraudulent emails that pretend to be official messages sent by DPD that are delivered to various email addresses of both natural and legal persons. The email might be sent from various email addresses acting like DPD, but they are never sent from the dpd.cz or dpd.com domain. The domain itself is one of the very distinguishing features pointing to a fraud - phishing emails come from misused domains of other, usually foreign entities. A fraudulent email usually tries to put the addressee up to click on the link that redirects the parcel or orders another attempt of delivery. In the same time, it does not contain the number of the alleged parcel and, contrarily, there are grammatical mistakes or non-typical phrases in most cases, created as a result of automatic translation of foreign spam texts. DPD never invites its clients or consignees to pay any additional fees for its standard services and never charges any of the three delivery attempts. All the official communication of DPD is carried out from the official company domains and via DPD applications. It is always provided with a clear and right identification of the DPD company. If you come across of a similar suspicious email, we recommend you NOT to REACT in any way to it, NOT to PAY anything and NOT to CLICK on any links it contains. Simultaneously, we would like to ask you to contact our customer service at its real email address: [email protected] (and include the fraudulent email). Our own domains are secured against misuse, as well as personal data we manage. Thank you for being cautious.