• The United Kingdom and Ireland

Following the decision of most European countries to close their border with the UK, DPDgroup has no choice but to suspend European road services between mainland Europe and Great Britain. Therefore, the following decisions enter into force on 21 December 2020 until further notice:
      – Services from Great Britain and Channel Islands to mainland Europe (including Czech Republic) suspended,
      – Services from mainland Europe (including Czech Republic) to UK, Channel Islands, and Republic of Ireland suspended,
      – Services UK to Republic of Ireland suspended, except designated UK accounts,
      – Services Republic of Ireland to UK as per normal.
      – Services Republic of Ireland to European Union as per normal with potential delay.
At this stage, we do not know how long these services will be unavailable for, but we will provide regular updates as the situation changes.
Parcels collection (shipping orders) will not be available. Parcels collected on 21 December, 2020 will be delivered back to the sender. Transit parcels on a direction to the Czech Republic will be delivered back to the country of dispatch.

  • Germany

So called lockdown has started in Germany since Wednesday, December 14. Shops and official institutions have been closed, Deliveries to PUDOs (pick-up and drop-off)/closed parcel shops will be returned to sender.

  • Austria

In case of expected snow storms, it may influence the delivery network.

  • Switzerland

Lockdown in Switzerland until 22 January, 2021. Please inform the consignors that they should check whether delivery is possible. Please also inform your recipients that if their shop has closed, but delivery is still possible, this is also clearly visible at the recipient. Beside the restrictions from the Swiss Government, the Goverment of Canton of Aargau decided, to enhance the restrictions and close all shops beside the ones for essential needs (as of 21 December).

  • Slovakia

Partial lockdown starts on Monday, December 21 and it will last for 3 weeks. Only selected shops and services will be open. Some external pickup points can be closed during the lockdown period – parcels will be sent to the nearest open pick up point or deliverd to consignee‘s address. DPD CLASSIC/B2B – there will be made the first delivery attempt in case of packages to stores or companies that are closed. There might be delays of parcels due to the lockdown situation.

  • The Netherlands

Lockdown has been announced and it will last until 19 January, 2021. Non-essential shops and schools have been closed, which affects also delivery services. Three delivery attempts before being returned to sender for B2C (business-to-customer) parcels. In case of B2B (business-tobusiness) parcels: When we know that the location is closed, the parcel will not be delivered and will be returned immediately. B2B locations that are open will have 1 delivery attempt.

  • Poland

Curfew on New Year’s Eve with a ban on movement from 7:00 PM on December 31 to 6:00 AM on January 1. As of 28 December, 2020 to 17 January, 2021 all non-essential shops, bars and gyms are closed.

  • Lithuania

Full lockdown was introduced on 16 December, 2021. Movement in the cities will be restricted for unnecessary reasons. All non-essential shops, bars, gyms, etc., must be closed.