Your delivery experts

We care about the health of the planet.

We are careful when it comes to throwing things away

We are a proud member of the Responsible Companies program. We also want to contribute in helping our Earth heal and restore. We start by sorting and recycling waste and in our depots we do our best to minimize the waste itself.

Modern technology can actually relieve nature

We are gradually transitioning to electronic invoicing and communication, so we don't have to print everything and get trees chopped down just because of a bad habit. We have actually found out the electronic invoicing is even more transparent and allows us to have everything searchable in one place. When it comes to printing we use recycled paper.

We plant trees and give back to the ecosystem

Together with Office Depot we are working on a project called Trees for Life. It's mostly about planting trees in order to give back what humanity takes by consuming paper. The certification ISO 14001 confirms that our love for nature isn't just an empty word.

We minimize our CO2 emissions

In our Czech fleet you can find eight vehicles running on compressed natural gas, and we also have one electric car. To us, however, it is not enough. We try to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible. We also invest in the environmental renewal projects since it's not secret that newly planted trees transform carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen.

How come our transportation leaves no bad affect on the nature?

It's not magic. We are well aware of the CO2 emitted by our vehicle fleet. We decided to minimize the CO2 pollution not simply by a green sticker on each van but by investing heavily to planetary renewal projects. We want to give back exactly as much as we take from the nature.

How we do it?

The basis is a long-term measurement of carbon dioxide emissions and their quantification. First we reduce emissions in proportion to one transported parcel. We do this through the introduction of efficient and innovative technologies throughout the DPDgroup network. Then we calculate the waste we cannot eliminate and take it back to the nature on a global scale by planting trees. All planetary renewal projects are funded from our own pockets at no extra charge to our customers.

We take the burden of our company from the natures back

We want every transported parcel to make as little damage to our Earth as possible. Here are a few examples of how we do it:

  • Sorting, compacting, composting (Czech Republic)
  • Use of electric vehicles for parcel delivery (Czech Republic)
  • The Lyte Solution system helps us with the energy efficiency (Czech Republic)
  • Eco depot in Veenendaal (Netherlands)
  • Electric cars in Stuttgart and Hamburg (Germany)
  • Light switches with motion detector in our buildings (Belgium)
  • The campaign "Economical driving couriers" aimed at reducing fuel consumption (United Kingdom)