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Delivery under control

DPD Kuryr is an app to customize the delivery. 

How to send a parcel?


Delivery under control

You can see how is

our courier approaching

DPD Kuryr is an app to customize your delivery.

All of this not only makes the consignee's life easier, but it also increases the chance of first attempt delivery.

It enables the consignee to:

  • Adjust the time and place of delivery.
  • Track our courier on a map and see how many addresses he has left to deliver the parcel.
  • Add a backup address or redirect the parcel to a Pickup point.

We'll invite the consignee into our web app DPD Kuryr via an e-mail/SMS.

Enter our DPD Kuryr web app
Pickup points

We have from almost     1 000 Pickup points

You can send a parcel direcly to one of our Pickup points while purchasing the goods in an e-shop. In case that your e-shop does not offer this option, you can redirect the package in our web application DPD Kuryr.

Across the whole Czech Republic you can find from almost 1 000 Pickup points. Most of them are open also during weekends and your package will be waiting for you up to 6 days (when picked up via the Uloženka service for 4 days).

We will keep you informed by SMS or E-mail and as soos as your package will be ready to pick up, we let you know. If your payment method is cash on delivery you can pay by credit card or cash.


We have a few answers before you ask

1. How do I change the adress or delivery date?

Both you can change easily in the web application DPD Kuryr. We will send you the access codes a day before the delivery.

2. Can I pay by credit card?

The payment methods you will find after registration in the web application DPD Kuryr. In the Pickup points that are located in depot, you can also pay by credit card.

3. What to do when the package is damaged?

It can also happened unfortunatelly. In this case please fill the form „Damage record“. After that the e-shop can make a claim. Fill the form „Damage record“

We help you to solve other questions.

Our benefits

We believe that parcel delivery brings joy

  • We'll pick it up at you place

    Choose an address you will be staying at during the day (work, home) and we'll come for the parcel to you even with a printed parcel label.

  • We deliver to the next working day

    On the day of delivery we will notify the consignee about a 1 hour window when to expect our courier.

  • Let the consignee control the delivery

    We'll invite the consignee into our DPD Kuryr app, where he can track the parcel and also customize its delivery.