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Here you will find questions and answers about our myDPD portal. We provide answers to frequently asked questions about services, features and delivery preferences.

How does DPD's rating and tipping function operate?

Why can\'t I give an online tip to all DPD drivers?

What are the advantages of registering?

What features must the password have?

How many addresses are saved in \"Last used \"?

Can I change the way the data is sorted in tables?

What does the book pictogram mean with the @ sign and what can I use it for?

What does \"connected devices\" mean?

What is the \'Rename parcel\' feature?

Can I rename reference fields?

What are \"My preferences\"? What can I set here?

Do I have the opportunity to change my wish parcel shop?

Can I change my preferences later?

Can I also designate someone who does not live in the immediate vicinity as a neighbour?


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