Sustainability without compromise

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. It’s not a quick fix. It needs real vision. At DPDgroup, we have embedded sustainable development into our culture and we’re looking at every aspect of our business to drive long-lasting changes that will bring people a better quality of life.

Because each of you deserves more sustainable city centres, DPDgroup rolled out over than 100 smart urban delivery solutions throughout Europe and beyond in 2019, thus mitigating congestion and pollution in cities and optimizing delivery preferences for the e-shopper.

For the planet, we pursue our market-leading carbon neutral commitment by implementing low carbon technologies on the road and in our facilities, and investing in free energy production projects worldwide.

The whole community demands cleaner air. Through our fleet and depots, we measure air quality levels in real time, street by street, providing a comprehensive picture of cities’ air to city authorities and citizens.

When it comes to climate, we want to do our part.

Conscious of our responsibility towards the planet and its people, we aim at being the most sustainable delivery company in Europe.

Boris Winkelmann, Chairman & CEO of GeoPost / DPDgroup

Key facts & figures


1,3 billion carbon neutral parcels delivered in 2019


16 millions of kilometers travelled by our low-emission fleet


100+ smart urban delivery solutions rolled out across Europe


A 360° approach to DrivingChange

Paving the way to a more sustainable business, DrivingChangeTM is DPDgroup’s sustainability programme – a programme inherent to who we are and how we do business.

Our sustainable development strategy focuses on areas where we can make the biggest difference. At DPDgroup, we redefine delivery boundaries, and bring inspiration, innovation and action to each of our initiatives. To benefit the whole ecosystem


Smart urban delivery
Carbon neutral commitment



Air quality monitoring programme
Innovative entrepreneurship


Closer communities
Employer of choice

Smart urban delivery

Did you know the entire city of Paris is delivered only with low-emission vehicles?

Carbon neutral commitment

Discover how we have reduced our CO2 emissions per parcel by 14% since 2013

Carbon neutral commitment

Discover how we have reduced our CO2 emissions per parcel by 14% since 2013

Air quality monitoring programme

Check out how we improve air quality for all citizens in 3 European cities

Our other priorities