Web Services DPD Poland

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Web Services DPD Poland

Web Services DPD Poland are API web services which allow applications to communicate with each other via the Internet. These services enable data transfer between different systems and platforms (implemented in any programming language), which facilitates integration and collaboration. between applications. Web Services DPD Poland use standard protocols and formats, such as XML and JSON, which allows for easy and flexible data processing.

The sections below contain a summary of Web Services DPD Poland, as well as links to technical documentation, which includes input and output parameters, code examples and information regarding integration:

DPD Services (SOAP API):

  • Verification of the correctness of the postcode in domestic and international services;
  • Generating shipping documents, i.e. waybills and goods handover protocols;
  • Ordering the courier’s visit on the indicated date;
  • Generating domestic and international consumer returns.

APP Services (SOAP API):

  • Ordering the courier’s visit with shipping documents printed by DPD Poland.

DPD InfoServices (SOAP API):

  • Downloading status for individual shipments or all statuses for all dispatched shipments.

DPD PickupServices (REST API):

  • Downloading an up-to-date list of DPD Pickup points, including supported services and opening hours.

DPD DutyServices (REST API):

  • Transfering customs data for shipments to the United Kingdom.

DPD DispositionServices (REST API):

  • Managing shipments by changing their delivery address or returning them to the sender.


  • The same Web Service for all countries within the Geopost capital group.

DPD LeadTime (REST API):

  • API for estimating shipment delivery timeframe. Web services will return the estimated delivery time based on the provided postcode.

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