What is the South African Customs Clearing Process for non-document shipments?

Though the South African Revenue Service (SARS) regularly implement changes to the Customs clearing process. We stay in full compliance with all new requirements so as to avoid delays and possible penalties in the Customs Clearing process. The following is required at the time of collection of any ‘non-document’ export shipment through our network - this will allow our clearing team to manage your clearance on consignment seamlessly and without delay: •All exports shipments must be accompanied with a fully completed and signed Clearing Instruction. We have prepared a document to assist you in the completion of these forms (available from our Internationals Team) and our Team are on stand-by to guide you through this process. In order for DPD Laser to complete the Customs entries on your behalf – DPD Laser must be in possession of a fully completed, dated and signed Clearing Instruction for each ‘non-document’ export shipment, regardless of the value of the shipment (the same applies to imports). An incomplete Clearing Instruction will cause delays in the clearing process. •All export shipments must have a commercial invoice. The invoice must include a detailed description of all the items enclosed in the shipment as well as the value of each and every item. •Companies who want to Export/Import is required to be registered with SARS. Once registered you will be allocated an Exporters Code which will need to be captured on your clearing instruction form As a South African citizen, you are permitted to export and/or import as many shipments as you like, provided the consolidated value of these shipments is less than R150,000 per year. This excludes shipments to/from Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland (BLNS) – where all exports/imports require that the individual be registered with SARS and have an Exporters/Importers Code. Lastly, please take note of the following clearing requirements and procedures which we are obliged to bring to your attention as your clearing agent: • All formal entries will be framed and only on release by SARS will the goods be exported. • All shipments being exported on a ‘temporary basis’ will first undergo Customs clearance and may be subject to inspection prior to departure. Please do not hesitate to contact our Internationals Team on 010 600 23 23 for any further assistance.