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Delivery to private person - B2C

B2C service is delivery to a private person. Depending on your business specifics, you can choose additional services to make delivery as convenient as possible for you and your receiver.

To receive more information about the service and conditions, please contact our Sales department at [email protected] or by phone +371 67 387 286.


  • Delivery time intervals
  • Courier will contact the recipient prior to delivery
  • Person identification and document check
  • Signed document (agreement, leasing documents) return
  • Informative SMS or e-mail on specific shipment status (IDM)
  • Includes compensation up to 520 € per unit Extra insurance, but not more than 13 000 € per shipment
  • Saturday delivery 

  • Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)

  • Collection Request

  • Deliveries to the supermarket chains

  • Delivery to islands

  • Shipment delivery approval (POD - proof of delivery)

  • Document (invoice) return service

  • Loading/unloading

  • Delivery of non standard packed units

  • Four hand service

  • Higher insurance

  • Online shipment tracking (Track & Trace)

  • DPD 10:00 

  • DPD 12:00


In Latvia – available in the whole country;
In Estonia – available in the whole country;
In Lithuania – available in Vilnius and Kaunas (cities Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys, Alytus, Marijampole, Utena, Taurage, Telsiai - upon agreement;) 

* saturday delivery applies only to parcels up to 31.5 kg; saturday delivery is provided with labels that are prepared in DPD programs

The price

Latvia Zone

I - Basic price + EUR 1.00 Zone

II - Base price + 2.00 EUR Zone

III - Base price + 4.00 EUR

Lithuania and Estonia Base price + 50%

Courier collects clients indicated amount of cash at the time of delivery and writes out a receipt for receiver. Collected cash is transferred to clients bank account in pre-agreed terms. In order to use this service, an enclosure of agreement about collecting cash needs to be concluded.

Collection and delivery of parcel from an address, different from clients address.
Price for service in Latvia is calculated as standard price according shipments to weight.
Price for shipments from Lithuania and Estonia – 5.00 EUR.

Conditions to apply for Collection Request >>

Supermarket chain list includes: Maxima, Rimi, Sky, Beta, IKI, Prisma Domina. The list is not completed and can be modified any time without individual notification.
Price for deliveries to the supermarket chains – 3.98 EUR for each shipment.

In Estonia: Kihnu, Vormsi, Hiiumaa, Ruhnu, Saaremaa, Osmusaar, Piirisaar, Naissaar - standard price + 8 EURIn Lithuania: Curonian spit – standard price + 21 EUR

Paper or electronic document proving the executed service to the named address of delivery. In the document is visible parcels label no., receivers surname, address, signature and the time of delivery.
Price for one-time shipment delivery approval – 4.27 EUR.
Subscribers fee for constant access for receiving shipment delivery approval using the Internet and password – 2.13 EUR per month.

See sample here >> 

Only documents, given to courier by Receiver during delivery process will be returned to Customer.Invoices are returned to the sender 1, 2 or 4 times a month.

Price for service in Latvia – standard price according to shipments weight.

Document return control – 42.69 EUR or 85.37 EUR per month, depending on the chosen service.

If weight of shipment at the moment of delivery is over 31.5 kg, unloading should be provided by Receiver.If the total weight of all shipments at the moment of pick-up is over 31.5 kg, loading should be provided by Sender.
Price for shipments loading/unloading, if its not provided by Sender/Receiver – 0.07 EUR/kg.


The price
If not provided by the sender / consignee - 0.07 EUR / kg

If the parcel or pallet does not conform to a standard size or weight of over 700 kg, it is considered to be a large-sized, non-standard unit. If the height of the pallet is less than 1.00 m, it is considered to be a non-standard unit. If it is not impossible, because of security or measurement reasons, to put the parcel on a conveyor, for example oils, paints, glues and others, it is considered to be a non-standard or improperly packed unit.Delivery of non-standard packed units - standard price + 50%.


The price
Base price + 3.00 EUR

The service is suitable for larger parcels and especially for transport of white home appliances.

The goods are delivered by two DPD couriers to the agreed delivery address. The goods are loaded off and are delivered to the agreed place, to the client' s door.

All parcels in DPD system are automatically provided with compensation up to 520 € per unit, but no more than 13 000 € per shipment. In case of concluded cooperation agreement, an extra insurance is available up to 30 000 € per shipment.
An additional insurance application form can be downloaded here

On-line parcel traffic monitoring system that allows you to track your shipment at any time by entering the parcels label no. in the Internet. here

Guaranteed delivery of items on the next working day until noon. 10:00. The service is not provided for pallets. Service available:
Latvia - Cēsis, Daugavpils, Gulbene, Jelgava, Jekabpils, Liepaja, Riga, Rezekne, Saldus, Talsi, Valmiera, Ventspils;
Estonia - Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu;
Lithuania - Vilnius, Kaunas.
The price
Base price + 7.00 EUR

Guaranteed delivery of items on the next working day until noon. 10:00. The service is not provided for pallets. Service available:
In Latvia - Aizkraukle, Aluksne, Balvi, Bauska, Cesis, Daugavpils, Dobele, Gulbene, Jelgava, Jekabpils, Kraslava, Kuldiga, Liepaja, Limbazi, Ludza, Madona, Ogre, Preili, Riga, Rezekne, Saldus, Talsi, Tukums, Valka, Valmiera, Ventspils;
Estonia - Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu;
Lithuania - Vilnius, Kaunas.
The price
Base price + 7.00 EUR

Guaranteed delivery * in due time to the following European countries: Poland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, Germany, France, United Kingdom. The service is provided only with the accompanying documents prepared in DPD, as well as information about the necessity of this service should be provided at the time of ordering. The consignment must also be marked specially.
The price
Base price + 10.00 EUR (sending to Poland, France, Great Britain) or 12.00 EUR (sending to other indicated countries)



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