Industry, commerce and traffic emit PM 2.5 fine particle air pollution, which is harmful to our health. Largery, it is an invisible danger. As we go about our daily lives, we have no way of knowing the potential threats in the air around us. Without insight and real data it is impossible to change things for the better. And this is where we can help.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

According to the OECD, air pollution is one of the most serious environmental risks. As a parcel delivery network, we recognize that our industry is part of the problem. But it has also motivated us to become part of the solution.

Societies all over the world want cleaner air, and Geopost's air quality monitoring program now gives every resident of Riga the opportunity to monitor the air quality right at their address.

Thanks to the air quality measurement sensors of our partner Pollutrack, which are installed both on our delivery vehicles and Parcel Lockers, every Riga resident and city visitor can monitor the air quality at a specific address at a specific time, as the air quality measurement sensors collect and update data every 12 seconds.

In addition, the data collected by the installed air quality measurement sensors can help not only every city resident to monitor the air quality, but also the city management to understand which are the main pollution points in Riga and to determine the main causes of pollution. This data can also encourage political change for the benefit of all city residents and visitors.

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Air quality measurement sensors collect real-time data every 12 seconds.


The data allows residents to assess the air quality at their address.

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The possibility to monitor the air quality in Riga in real time.

Air quality at your doorstep

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Air quality at your doorstep

Do you want to know when it is better to go for a run, open windows at home or better to stay indoors? Get information about air quality in Riga based on real measurements - data is collected in real time with sensors installed on the DPD parcel delivery infrastructure and updated every 12 seconds.
Check the air quality at your address in Riga!