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Everything for developers

These solutions are made for developers and programmers to provide program integration with DPD solutions.


WooCommerce shipping module

DPD extension Magento (CE)

DPD extension (Shopify)

Please be informed that this year, on July 1, the "DPD Latvia Shipping" Shopify application will no longer be available. Instead, we have formed a new partnership with Parcely, a company that develops high-quality and user-friendly integrations to reflect delivery options.

The Parcely application will provide integration between your Shopify e-shop and DPD.

You can install Parcely by going to the "Apps" section of Shopify: https://apps.shopify.com/parcelyapp

If you need help installing Parcely, please visit: https://www.parcely.app/guides/

Parcely has agreed to provide the Parcely application and DPD delivery configuration setup to all DPD Latvija customers free of charge who migrate from the "DPD Latvia Shipping" Shopify application to the Parcely application. For free configuration setup, please contact Parcely Support at [email protected]

If you have any additional questions, please contact Parcely by writing to [email protected]

DPD extension (OpenCart)