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Here you will find some useful information and valuable tools that will help you send and receive parcels within the DPD network. We have summed up the main information on local and international deliveries. Here are the instructions on how to use our various services.

Frequently asked questions

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When will the courier deliver the parcel?

Delivery time of the shipment depends on the type of service selected by the sender. If you had the opportunity to choose a time interval when ordering/purchasing goods, the shipment will be delivered within the specified time interval. If you were not able to choose the delivery time, the parcel will be delivered within a working day. If you receive a text message or e-mail with a delivery time interval of 1-2 h, the delivery will be made within the specified interval, which cannot be selected, because it is adjusted to each address on the courier’s route of the delivery day.

How can I change the delivery time?

Scheduled delivery time is created from the number and addresses of sorted parcels assigned to the courier for delivery on the route. Any change will affect all recipients on the courier's route, therefore it is not possible to change delivery time on the day of delivery, however, if you are not present within the time interval specified in the SMR or e-mail, it is possible to change the delivery day or address. When changing the delivery address, delivery shall be transferred to the next business day. Changes can be made by SMS or using the e-mail link or by filling in a contact form on our website here.

I want to find out if there is a parcel delivery registered to my phone number?

If a package delivery is registered to your phone number, you will receive a text message from us. It is not possible to find the package by phone number, it needs the DPD package number.

Can the parcel be received by another person?

Upon receiving requests from the shipper or recipient (via e-mail or phone), the parcel can be handed to another person, if they are at the delivery address stated on the packing list of the parcel and can present an identity document or the PIN code that was sent to the recipient via SMS or e-mail. Likewise, the parcel can be received by another person that is at the delivery address stated in the packing list and can present their identity document and notarized general power of attorney or power that allows them to receive the parcels on behalf of the recipient. This person must also hand over a copy of said power to the courier.

What documents are suitable for receiving the parcel?

In order to receive the parcel, the recipient must present an identity document. This can be a passport, ID card, or a driver\'s license.

What parcels are forbidden to be handed over to a different person at the address?

If the sender has selected any of the additional services (signing of the attached documents (contracts) and return of 1 copy (ROD), identification of personal documents (ID Check)), then, for the purposes of security of the shipment and personal data protection, they shall not be handed over to another person at the address. The recipient indicated in the cover sheet must present a valid identity document: passport, ID card or driver's license.

I have received a PIN code via SMS and e-mail, what can I use this for?

The PIN code is meant for contactless delivery – the courier providing the contactless delivery will ask the recipient to present the PIN code they\'ve received in an SMS. If our system deems the PIN code to be correct, the DPD courier will leave the parcel at a 2-meter distance from the recipient.

How is a delivery to a safe place carried out?

Upon receipt of an SMS or e-mail stating the upcoming delivery, the recipient can state a safe place where the DPD courier can drop off the parcel. To specify the safe place, you must click on the link in the SMS or e-mail, and under the option “Delivery to a safe place” you must specify the place at the recipient\'s address where the parcel can be safely dropped off. When the parcel is placed at the spot specified by the recipient, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation that the parcel has been delivered.

I\'m expecting a parcel, but the specified address or phone number is incorrect, what should I do?

In order to make corrections, please make sure, by using the DPD tracing system, that the parcel is still in Latvia because it is impossible to make changes to the parcel if it is on its way. If the parcel is in Latvia, inform us about the changes we need to make, in order to ensure successful delivery. You can provide the information by filling out the form on our site here.

For parcels send to Parcel lockers the receiver's telephone number can only be changed by the sender by contacting DPD. If Parcel lockers address should be changed then the parcel will be returned to the sender that can form a new shipment to the correct Parcel Locker.

How can I refuse a parcel?

You can refuse the parcel if you want to. Use the link from the SMS or e-mail that you received before the parcel delivery from DPD. You must fill out a contact form on our website or with the courier. N.B. If the status of the delivery reads “Information of the order has been transferred to DPD”, refuse the parcel with the shipper, not with DPD.
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Can DPD deliver my parcel from another EU country?

Yes, DPD provides this type of service. You can process it here: Once you\'re on this site, specify the country or city from which you\'re making the delivery and that of its destination, choose the size of the parcel, and pick one of the offered services. Upon taking the following actions you can specify the delivery information, settle the payment, and apply for a courier.

When/at what time will the courier pick up the parcel?

The pick-up of the parcels takes place at the time interval you have stated at the moment of making the order. If the order is applied for by the specified time for the specific city or region, the pick-up of the order will take place the very same business day, if later – the following business day.

I have requested a courier, but I want to cancel it. What should I do?

You can cancel the courier by calling the Customer service department on 67387284, or by filling out a form here. Please state the name of the company or your name and surname, if you applied as a private person, the address and the day that the pick-up was planned for.

How can I send a parcel with DPD?

In order to send a parcel, you have to arrange an order that you can do on our self-service website There are 4 following steps to send the parcel:
  1. State or city from/to and select the size of the shipment;
  2. Select any of the offered services.
  3. Specify accurate sender, recipient and delivery information.
  4. Make payment.
Order documents will be sent to you by e-mail. TAKE NOTE!!! The parcel must always bear a shipment note, since it serves as a guide for the shipment to reach the recipient quickly and without problems. If you deliver the shipment to the Parcel terminal, you can print the cover sheet in the Parcel terminal by scanning the QR code or entering the PIN code that was sent to you by e-mail after making the order. If you deliver the shipment to the Parcel shop, the employee of the Parcel shop will scan the QR code. If you hand over the shipment to courier, when creating the shipment, you can choose an option that the courier will have the cover sheet (shipment can be taken starting from the next working day), or you can print the cover sheet yourself.
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Where are the Pickup points located?

You can see the location of all Pickup points in the network here.

How do I receive a parcel at a Parcel Locker Pickup point?

Touch the screen and select the parcel. Enter the PIN code received by SMS or e-mail, which always consists of 6 digits (no characters or letters). A compartment will open, you will be able to take out the parcel, and please close the compartment. If it shows that the PIN code is incorrect, please check if you are at the correct Parcel terminal, which is indicated in SMS. If the compartment does not open, we encourage you to contact the Customer Service Department 67387282. Once the compartment defect is eliminated, you will receive a new SMS on receiving of the parcel.

The PIN code I’ve received via SMS doesn't work or it's impossible to enter it on the screen of the terminal. What should I do?

The PIN code for the receipt of DPD packages in the Parcel terminal always consists of 6 digits (no characters or letters). Please make sure you are at the DPD Parcel terminal, which is specified in the SMS. DPD Parcel terminals are always located outside, are grey and bear a red DPD logo.  

Can I place more than one parcel in a single compartment of a Parcel Locker?

You can place many parcels in single compartment of Parcel Locker, but you need to scan each parcels label before putting them into the compartment of the Parcel Locker.

Can I send the parcels to other countries by using the Parcel Locker Pickup points?

You can easily send the parcels to all Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as to all European countries, except for Greece and Bulgaria.

Can I choose the compartment in which to place the parcel?

You cannot choose a compartment in the Parcel Locker Pickup point. The compartment is assigned automatically. You can choose the size of the compartment and then an empty compartment of your selected size will open automatically.

The compartment opened up but there was already another parcel inside, what should I do?

Select the unit “Cancel” or “Open a larger compartment” on the screen.

I can\'t seem to scan the 2D bar code at the Parcel Locker point.

If the packing list was drawn up less than 15 minutes ago, it is possible that the data of the parcel is not yet available at the Parcel Locker point. If this is the case, wait a little bit and try again. If you\'ve waited for a while and still can\'t manage to scan the 2D QR code, change the screen\'s brightness settings to a higher one and try again.

The compartment won\'t close, the door springs open, what should I do?

The compartment is blocked. Only the DPD courier will be able to close the compartment when making deliveries.

Where is my parcel?

You can see the shipment status by entering the parcel number in DPD tracking system. If the parcel cannot be found in the system, the parcel number must be specified by contacting the sender. The number consists of 14 digits and starts with 0 or 1. Explanation of delivery status: Order created – a parcel cover sheet has been created and the parcel is still located at the sender. Parcel has been handed over to DPD - the parcel has been taken from the sender, but has not been delivered at DPD sorting point yet. On the way — parcel has been handed over to DPD and is on the way to the sorting point. Parcel is located in the terminal — the parcel is in the sorting process. Parcel has been handed out for delivery - the parcel is already with the courier and delivery is in process. Delivered – the parcel has been delivered to the recipient.
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I want to ship a parcel, but I don\'t have a printer to print out the packing list, what should I do?

You most certainly can still ship the parcel, even if you don\'t have access to a printer to print out the packing list. You can use the QR code instead, which will be sent to your e-mail address after processing the parcel on
  1. If you plan to transfer the parcel to a Parcel Locker Pickup point, you can print out the packing list at the Parcel Locker by simply scanning the QR code.
  2. If you plan to transfer the parcel to a Parcel Shop Pickup point, the employee of the Parcel Shop will scan the QR code.
If you plan to transfer the parcel to the courier, you have the option to specify that the packing list is already with the courier. In this case, the courier will be able to pick up the parcel starting from the next day.

Why can't I select the necessary delivery address on

  1. Make sure that only the country is selected on the homepage of
  2. Check if the address has been inserted correctly.
  3. Double-check if the postal code is correct.
  4. If you still can\'t seem to insert the address, contact us in writing at [email protected] and state the recipient\'s full address, and our specialists will contact you.

I processed the order on, but I didn\'t receive a confirmation in my e-mail, what should I do?

Contact us at [email protected] by writing a brief description of the situation, including the payment order and our specialists will send you the necessary documents in order for you to complete the parcel delivery.

What means of payment can I use on

When drawing up the order, 2 payment methods are offered in the last step - by bank card or internet bank transfer.

I am a legal entity and the invoice needs details, what shall I do?

When drawing up a pre-paid order in the in the step “Summary” you will be able to select invoice information for companies where it is possible to enter company details. In order to facilitate this process and to be able to make shipments by post-payment, we invite you to sign a cooperation contract with DPD Latvija. You can do it here.

Do I need to be registered to send parcels when using the site

You can make the parcels without being registered on However, if you want to view your delivery history, we would advise you to be registered. You can do that here.
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I want to ship a parcel, but I don\'t have a printer to print out the packing list or the parcel must be picked up from a different address. What should I do?

You most certainly can still ship the parcel, even if you don't have a printer to print out the packing list. Likewise, it is possible to pick up the parcel from a different address. When ordering the parcel you must select the additional service “Prepared delivery label”. The label will be with the courier and at the moment of picking up the parcel, the courier will stick it onto the parcel (the courier can arrive to pick up the parcel as of the next business day). For the parcel to be picked up at a different address, you must select the relevant option when processing the parcel.

Why can't I select the necessary delivery address on

If no registration has been made, it has to be done immediately after the conclusion of the contract. Registration has to be made so that shipments can be carried out by post-payment and with the prices specified in the contract. Enter in your browser
  1. Click on “Registration” on the right corner of the browser.
  2. Enter your user name and password, press “Next”.
  3. Confirm registration by clicking the link in authorization letter sent to you by email.
  4. Go to the and click on the “Enter” button, fill in user data and click on the button “Enter”.
If registration has already been made, please inform DPD Latvija by writing to the [email protected] on linking of profile to the company. Should you have any questions regarding the use of the program, please contact the following e-mail: [email protected]

Sūtījuma paņemšana ir no citas valsts, kā izveidot šādu sūtījumu?

Izveidojot sūtījumu ir nepieciešams izvēlēties pamatpakalpojumu “Paņemšanas pieprasījums”. Detalizētu instrukciju, kā izveidot paņemšanas pieprasījuma sūtījumu, varat apskatīt šeit.

Do I need to be registered to send parcels when using the site

If you haven\'t registered you must do so right after concluding the agreement. You need to be registered to carry out deliveries with payment afterward and for the prices stated in the agreement. Read more information on how to register here. If you've already registered, please, inform DPD Latvia with a link to the profile of the company by writing to [email protected].

Where is my parcel?

Where is my parcel?

DPD Pickup point finder

Find the nearest Pickup point in Latvia.

DPD Pickup point finder

Find the nearest Pickup point in Latvia.

Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator

Normal Girth Calculator
Parcelshop Calculator

Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Length (cm)

The combined dimensions of your parcel are:


The volumetric weigth of your parcel:


NOTE: This is a computed value which was not measured with calibrated scales - please see the note in the first paragraph.

Total length: Size of the total length of the parcel (to be calculated by summarizing 2 widths + 2 heights + the longest side)

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